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2021-11-01treewide: kill problematic "$h->{k} //= do {" assignments
2021-10-23www: respect coderepo.*.url during cgit init
2021-10-23config: remove *_url_format support for cgit
2021-09-27config: get_1: use full parameter name
2021-09-16www: support publicinbox.imapserver
2021-09-16inbox: streamline ->nntp_url
2021-09-11lei: pass client stderr to git-config in more places
2021-09-11lei: fix handling of broken lei.saved-search config files
2021-08-28config: do not parse altid for extindex
2021-07-22extsearch: support publicinbox.*.boost parameter
2021-07-18config: s/_one_val/get_1/ for public use
2021-06-23www_listing: start updating for pagination + search
2021-04-30lei_curl: improve correctness of LD_PRELOAD check
2021-04-19config: git_config_dump blesses
2021-04-17lei q --save: clobber config file on repeats
2021-03-19config: ignore extindex entries with newlines in paths
2021-03-19cgit: fix fallout from lazy coderepo loading
2021-03-17config: lazy-load coderepos, support extindex
2021-03-17extindex: add some validation and config knobs for WWW
2021-03-11config: use '-f' key to store config file pathname
2021-02-04tests: guard against missing DBD::SQLite
2021-01-01update copyrights for 2021
2020-12-23config: config_fh_parse: micro-optimize harder
2020-12-23config: config_fh_parse: micro-optimize
2020-12-23config: git_config_dump: pre-compile RE for split
2020-12-23config: _fill: inbox name extraction optimization
2020-12-21use rel2abs_collapsed when loading Inbox objects
2020-12-20config: eliminate unnecessary join call up front
2020-12-20inboxidle: remove needless check for {inboxdir}
2020-12-09rename {pi_config} fields to {pi_cfg}
2020-12-05isearch: emulate per-inbox search with ->ALL
2020-12-05newswww: use ->ALL to avoid O(n) inbox scan
2020-12-01nntpd: move {newsgroup} name check to config
2020-11-28nntpd: share {groups} hash with {-by_newsgroup} in Config
2020-11-24manifest: support faster generation via [extindex "all"]
2020-11-24move JSON module portability into PublicInbox::Config
2020-11-08extsearch: rename -eindex to -extindex
2020-11-07extsearch: wire up remaining Inbox-like methods for WWW
2020-09-22mda: match List-Id insensitively
2020-09-20config: warn on multiple values for some fields
2020-09-10config: split out iterator into separate object
2020-09-10config: flatten each_inbox and iterate_start args
2020-09-02config: use defined-or (//) in a few places
2020-08-07index: v2: --sequential-shard option
2020-07-17config: reject `\n' in `inboxdir'
2020-06-28config: support ->urlmatch method for -watch
2020-06-13imap: require ".$UID_MIN-$UID_END" suffix
2020-06-13imap: start doing iterative config reloading
2020-04-20watchmaildir: support multiple watchheader values
2020-03-29config: Honor gitconfig includes