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2022-12-02lei_saved_search: expand only/include/exclude to absolute paths HEAD master
2022-12-02lei: stricter external checks for valid $GIT_DIR/objects
2022-11-28lei_mirror: handle forkgroup changes
2022-11-28clone: support --project-list= for cgit
2022-11-28lei_mirror: break out of fgrp fetch iteration early
2022-11-28lei_mirror: don't clobber inbox.config.example if it exists
2022-11-28lei_mirror: set info/web/last-modified from manifest
2022-11-28lei_mirror: omit trailing slash for git remote.*.url
2022-11-28lei_mirror: avoid redundant curl `-f' use
2022-11-28lei_mirror: use curl -z/--timecond if manifest exists
2022-11-28lei_mirror: eliminate circular references
2022-11-28lei_mirror: support {symlinks} from manifest
2022-11-28lei_mirror: set {head} from manifest
2022-11-28lei_mirror: shorten scope mirror objects
2022-11-28lei_mirror: simplify forkgroup-related subs
2022-11-28lei_mirror: run v1_done earlier on forkgroup done
2022-11-28lei_mirror: simplify most process spawning
2022-11-28lei_mirror: remove janky mirror.done stamp file
2022-11-28lei_mirror: update fingerprints when writing local manifest.js.gz
2022-11-28lei_mirror: --manifest= affects destination, too
2022-11-28lei_mirror: respect `./' and `../' prefixes for CLI args
2022-11-28lei_mirror: don't warn on missing manifest on initial clone
2022-11-28clone: support --keep-going/-k like make(1)
2022-11-28lei_mirror: avoid needless FD passing
2022-11-28clone|fetch: support passing --prune(-tags) to `git fetch'
2022-11-28lei_mirror: delay configuring forkgroups
2022-11-28clone: support loading manifest.js.gz from destination
2022-11-28lei_mirror: check fingerprints before fetching
2022-11-28lei_mirror: support resuming multi-repo clones
2022-11-28on_destroy: support ->cancel callback
2022-11-28lei_mirror: show child error error code
2022-11-28lei_mirror: properly pack-refs in non-forkgroup repos
2022-11-28fetch: eliminate File::Temp->filename var
2022-11-28fetch: use v5.12
2022-11-28lei_mirror: shorten remote names
2022-11-28clone: move --dry-run handling to lei_mirror
2022-11-28lei_mirror: forkgroups use `git fetch --multiple'
2022-11-28lei_mirror: fix --dry-run for forkgroups
2022-11-28lei_mirror: make basename more descriptive
2022-11-28lei_mirror: drop git <1.8.5 support
2022-11-28lei_mirror: do not show ref updates w/o --verbose
2022-11-28lei_mirror: preserve permissions of existing alternates file
2022-11-28lei_mirror: force --no-tags when fetching forkgroups
2022-11-28lei_mirror: set description for non-inboxes, too
2022-11-28lei_mirror: always pack refs for coderepos
2022-11-28clone: flesh out --objstore behavior and document
2022-11-28lei_mirror: ensure git <1.8.5 fallback can use torsocks
2022-11-28lei_mirror: cleanup process reaping logic
2022-11-28lei_mirror: support --objstore and forkgroups
2022-11-28lei_mirror: simplify clone_v2_prep