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2021-10-27lei q: fix remote import accounting HEAD master
2021-10-27test_common: key test inboxes to init.defaultBranch
2021-10-27lei mail-diff: support more inputs, split newlines
2021-10-26t/lei-watch: add diagnostics for failure
2021-10-26lei_to_mail: only run lms_write_prepare for IMAP+Maildir
2021-10-26input_pipe: account for undefined {sock}
2021-10-26lei rm|tag: drop redundant mbox+net callbacks
2021-10-26lei p2q: use LeiInput for multi-patch series
2021-10-26lei: add net getopt spec to various commands
2021-10-26lei inspect: fix atfork hook
2021-10-26lei q: enable expensive Xapian flags
2021-10-26eml: keep body if no headers are found
2021-10-26doc: lei-store-format: mail sync section, update IPC
2021-10-26doc: tuning: additional notes for many inboxes
2021-10-26lei p2q: document --uri, add examples
2021-10-26www: mirror: fix rendering of NNTP URLs
2021-10-25t/index-git-times: support non-master default branch
2021-10-25lei_to_mail: write directly to mail_sync.sqlite3
2021-10-25contrib/css/216light: add more contrast to foreground text
2021-10-25www: $MSGID/raw: set charset in HTTP response
2021-10-25gzip_filter: delay async wcb call
2021-10-24t/git: support non-master default branch
2021-10-24t/watch_maildir: support non-master default branch
2021-10-24viewvcs: die on tmpfile() errors
2021-10-24git: avoid Perl5 internal scratchpad target cache
2021-10-24thread: avoid Perl5 internal scratchpad target cache
2021-10-24listener: emit warnings on EPERM
2021-10-24http: use a larger buffer for ->getline responses
2021-10-24shared_kv: remove cache_size attribute support
2021-10-24lei export-kw: skip read-only IMAP folders
2021-10-24lei: always pass $lei to LeiAuth->op_merge
2021-10-23cmd_ipc4: retry sendmsg on ENOBUFS/ENOMEM/ETOOMANYREFS
2021-10-23www: respect coderepo.*.url during cgit init
2021-10-23config: remove *_url_format support for cgit
2021-10-23git: simplify local_nick, avoid "foo.git.git"
2021-10-23t/v2index-late-dedupe: don't read user's ~/.public-inbox/config
2021-10-23searchidx: v1: raise on msgmap init failure
2021-10-23doc: lei-forget-search: fix option name in --prune description
2021-10-22lei forget-search: support --prune=<local|remote>
2021-10-22lei export-kw: completion returns all Maildir+IMAP
2021-10-22lei export-kw: don't recreate deleted IMAP folders
2021-10-22wwwatomstream: call gmtime with scalar
2021-10-22lei: use RENAME_NOREPLACE on Linux 3.15+
2021-10-22lei_mail_sync: mv_src: use transaction, check UNIQUE
2021-10-22lei: no Perl FileHandle for `undef' w/ ECONNRESET
2021-10-22dir_idle: treat IN_MOVED_FROM as a gone event
2021-10-22lei note-event: clear_src on ENOENT
2021-10-22doc: lei-overview: add CAVEATS section
2021-10-22watch: remove redundant signal mask manipulation
2021-10-22watch: check for {quit} before IDLE