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32 hourslei: add "lei up" to complement "lei q --save" HEAD masterEric Wong7-16/+88
The command isn't finalized, yet, but it's intended to update an existing saved search.
32 hourslei q: start wiring up saved searchEric Wong9-9/+199
This will have a over.sqlite3 for content-based deduplication. It may exhibit ibxish methods, so serving a read-only (or even R/W) IMAP or instance or displaying HTML isn't outside the realm of possibility.
32 hourslei_query: rearrange internals to capture query earlyEric Wong1-26/+29
To support saved search, we need the query string available to us before we setup LeiDedupe via (LeiOverview || LeiToMail).
32 hourslei_dedupe: adjust to prepare for saved searchesEric Wong3-15/+18
LeiSavedSearch will use a LeiDedupe-like internal API, so we won't have to make as many changes to callsites between saved and unsaved searches.
32 hourslei_xsearch: use per-external queries when not sortingEric Wong1-26/+37
We only need the combined mset query when we care about sort order. When writing to --output destinations intended for MUA consumption, sort order is irrelevant as MUAs are expected to offer their own sorting, so run queries to each external in parallel. This prepares us for docid-sort-based saved search support. It will also become faster than the combined mset query for users with many externals due to current Xapian exhibiting poor performance with many shards (the same reason -extindex exists)
46 hourslei blob: quiet "git rev-parse --git-dir" stderr w/o --cwdEric Wong1-4/+10
This seemed to be causing occasional "make check-run" failures with errors bleeding into other tests.
4 dayswww: do not obfuscate addresses in URLsEric Wong4-7/+83
As they are likely Message-IDs. If an email address ends up in a URL, then it's likely public, so there's even less reason to obfuscate that particular address. [km: add xt/perf-obfuscate.t] [ew: modernize perf test (5.10.1), use diag instead of print] This version of the patch avoids the massive slowdown noted by Kyle in <https://public-inbox.org/meta/87wnt9or6t.fsf@kyleam.com/>. Performance remains roughly the same, if not slightly faster (which may be due to me testing this on a busy server). Results from xt/perf-obfuscate.t against 6078 messages on a local mirror of <https://public-inbox.org/meta/>: before: 6.67 usr + 0.04 sys = 6.71 CPU after: 6.64 usr + 0.04 sys = 6.68 CPU Reported-by: Kyle Meyer <kyle@kyleam.com> Helped-by: Kyle Meyer <kyle@kyleam.com> Link: https://public-inbox.org/meta/87a6q8p5qa.fsf@kyleam.com/
7 daysimport: convert init.defaultBranch to fully qualified refKyle Meyer1-1/+1
init.defaultBranch expects a branch name, not a fully qualified ref. git-init prepends "refs/heads/" automatically and unconditionally. PublicInbox::Import::default_branch, however, incorrectly passes on the init.defaultBranch value as is, leading to it being used in spots where a fully qualified ref is required. For example, with an init.defaultBranch value of "master", public-inbox-index for a v2 repository would lead to an all.git repository where HEAD's content is "ref: master" instead of "ref: refs/heads/master". Prepend "refs/heads/" to the incoming init.defaultBranch value. Fixes: 7c2f36de2fb49dd7 (import: respect init.defaultBranch)
8 dayslei_store: use getpwuid and hostname for identEric Wong1-2/+10
It's nicer in case a user transfers lei/store across machines and wants a way to track when/where they imported something.
9 daysscript/lei: waitpid for git-credential and pagerEric Wong1-1/+5
We need to ensure we reap things we spawn.
9 dayslei q: fix auth IMAP --output with remote mboxrdEric Wong3-13/+8
IMAP authentication info is only shared amongst lei2mail workers, so we must ensure all IMAP writes go through lei2mail workers even if we don't have to access the mail through git. This allows us to decouple the latency of the remote mboxrd from the latency of the IMAP --output at the expense of extra IPC overhead within our own processes.
9 dayslei_to_mail: improve comments and reduce LoCEric Wong1-25/+17
We don't need to waste LoC on corner cases, single-use internal subs, or restoring SIG{__WARN__} when a process exits. All that extra code contributes to memory use and startup time, especially for users who can't use FD passing.
9 dayslei: maildir: move shard support to MdirReaderEric Wong6-32/+38
We'll eventually want lei_input users like "lei import" and "lei tag" to support parallel reads.
9 dayslei_tag: fix comments w.r.t support levelsEric Wong1-3/+5
RFC 8621 registers $flagged, $answered, $seen, $draft which map to IMAP, Maildir, and mbox Status/X-Status flags. $forwarded is noted in JMAP, but only Maildir and and the "Lemonade" IMAP profile (RFC 5550) support it
9 dayslei_to_mail: trim down importsEric Wong1-13/+5
We don't need to import so many things. None of the Errno constants are in common paths so unlikely to benefit from constant folding.
10 dayslei_search: ignore Resent-Message-ID for indexingEric Wong2-3/+3
It currently conflicts with the way OverIdx and SearchIdx index messages, ultimately leading to violating a NOT NULL constraint on id2num.id in over.sqlite3. We may allow searching Resent-* fields separately, though I'm not sure how useful it'll be.
11 dayslei/store: (more) synchronous non-fatal error outputEric Wong3-11/+89
Since every command that writes to lei/store calls ->done to commit its output, we can rely on that to return a pathname for a readable file with errors in it. Errors can still get crossed up if multiple lei commands are writing to the store at once, but reduces the delay in seeing them and ensures it won't get seen when somebody is attempting to use shell completion.
11 dayslei: improve handling of Message-ID-less draft messagesEric Wong5-7/+30
We need a stable fallback time for digest2mid in the presence of messages without Received/Date headers. Furthermore, we must avoid using uninitialized smsg->{mid} when parsing References for draft replies.
11 dayslei tag: note message mismatches on failureEric Wong1-1/+2
Just exiting with a failure code and no error message is confusing :x
11 daystest_common: lei_ok: improve diagnosticsEric Wong1-1/+2
$? is useful, as is labeling lei_err since I'm easily-confused :x
11 dayslei_store: update alternates on new epochEric Wong1-1/+4
We'll just let the ExtSearchIdx code handle this uncommon case by doing a full commit.
12 dayslei: allow progress to non-TTY after MUA spawnEric Wong1-0/+1
Sometimes I want to save debug info to a file or pipe even when spawning an MUA.
12 dayslei q: don't show remote progress if MUA is runningEric Wong1-1/+1
Remote results can safely use the same mset progress reporting as local results, despite not knowing the size of the result set. We're assuming terminal MUAs, for now.
12 daysxt/lei-auth-fail: test more failure casesEric Wong1-4/+7
Because failures are often overlooked, unfortunately.
12 daysnet_reader: fix read-only "lei convert" auth failuresEric Wong1-2/+3
"convert" is actually a bit more complicated than "lei import" since it may need auth for either input or output.
12 dayslei_auth: rename {net_merge} to {net_merge_continue}Eric Wong1-3/+3
No reason for the hash key to differ from the subroutine name, here.
12 dayslei tag: fix tagging of IMAP inputsEric Wong2-1/+6
We need net_merge_all and to lock the number of worker jobs. Parallel inputs are not supported, yet (is it needed?, I don't expect this to be used for multiple files very often...).
12 dayslei q: ensure wq workers shutdown on IMAP auth failuresEric Wong3-23/+18
Leaving workers running on after auth failures is bad and messy, cleanup our process management to have consistent worker teardowns. Improve error reporting, too, instead of letting Mail::IMAPClient->exists fail due to undef.
12 daysURInntps: add URI 5.08 release noteEric Wong1-0/+1
I wanted to say 2031, but that's probably too aggressive a removal timeline.
12 dayslei: fix git-credential handlingEric Wong2-16/+38
I completely forgot about git-credential prompting when making lei background the client process for MUA. Now it backgrounds itself only for the MUA when no FDs are passed, since the MUA is the final command run. Otherwise, it relies on FD passing as before. Fixes: c790a75439f3a1db ("script/lei: background ourselves on MUA/pager exec")
13 dayslei: maildir: handle "forwarded" keyword as "P"Eric Wong2-2/+4
mbox and IMAP seem to have no way of describing this keyword. but Maildir does with the "P" flagged (for "passed").
13 dayslei_store: quiet down per-message related warningsEric Wong1-0/+2
It's needless noise when doing augment and output preparation and shows up way too late and out-of-band with lei-daemon.
13 dayslei_store: quiet down git user info being unsetEric Wong1-2/+3
lei_store contents aren't intended to become public, so there's no point in nagging users for their email address for git committer information like git does.
13 dayslei_store: set_xvmd: don't add if no vmd at allEric Wong1-13/+5
There's no point in adding vmd information for an external message if it was never stored and there's no vmd at all. We also don't need to check _docids_for for similar messages, either, since we always check lse->kw_changed, first.
13 dayslei q: reduce lei/store work for kw changes to stored mailEric Wong3-11/+12
We can tweak lse->kw_changed to return docids and reduce IPC traffic and reduce work the lei/store worker needs to do.
13 dayslei_query: remove unnecessary V2Writable requireEric Wong1-1/+0
AFAIK that was only used for nproc detection, and nproc is handled by PublicInbox::IPC, nowadays.
13 dayslei sucks: sub-command to aid bug reportingEric Wong3-0/+73
It's a bit of an Easter egg, though it's not possible to hide those in Free Software... Anyways, it doesn't cost us an entry in %CMD of LEI.pm and anybody frustrated enough with lei just might type "lei sucks" on the command-line :>
13 daysbuild: generate PublicInbox.pm with $VERSIONEric Wong5-5/+42
Thanks to git-describe, we can generate and update this file to aid users in bug reporting.
2021-04-01script/lei: background ourselves on MUA/pager execEric Wong1-22/+15
This ought to give the MUA or pager exclusive access to the controlling terminal. The downside is we can only exec the pager or MUA once per invocation, but I can't imagine a valid case for running those things multiple times, either. Note: I'm no expert when it comes to terminal control matters, but this allows Ctrl-Z-ed mutt instance to come back and is a nice code reduction, as well.
2021-03-31lei_input: reduce IPC traffic with multiple inputsEric Wong4-16/+16
No point in sending a command for every input when a single one will do. We'll also trigger LeiStore->done sooner in the worker rather than later.
2021-03-31lei blob: "--mail" disables solver, use --include/onlyEric Wong2-9/+30
Assume a user specifying --mail doesn't want to spend cycles reconstructing a blob from a code repo. Also, don't require users to use add-external or a previous -I or --only to ready an external for use with ale.git.
2021-03-31doc: lei-overview: favor Maildir for mutt examplesEric Wong1-5/+6
mboxes are generally horrible for interactive read-write use due to locking. Describe our parallel behavior with mutt, since writing mail can take a long while and being able to read results as they're written is nice. We'll also use a gzipped mboxrd for the import example, since we can decompress gzipped mboxrds automatically, now.
2021-03-31doc: add lei-mail-formats(5) manpageEric Wong4-2/+106
While plenty of online documentation exists, it's good to have a locally-available summary for users to look at offline. Fix a URL in Watch.pm while we're at it, too.
2021-03-31lei: fix IMAP auth failure handlingEric Wong3-10/+9
We must use the $ops hashref returned by lei->workers_start, since it's modified to include extra handlers for auth failures and whatnot. Fixes: 954581b8e575966a ("lei: simplify PktOp callers")
2021-03-30lei tag: rename from "lei mark"Eric Wong9-37/+37
I've decided "tag" is a better verb since it seems more widely-used term for associating metadata with data. Not only is it analogous to the "notmuch tag" command, but also makes sense when compared to tooling for manipulating metadata for non-mail data (e.g. audio metadata tags). There's even a Wikipedia entry for it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tag_(metadata) whereas "mark" is used in the description, but has no entry of its own with regards to metadata.
2021-03-30lei q: avoid redundant default setting for sort with l2mEric Wong2-4/+2
No point in munging user-supplied $lei->{opt} when %mset_opt exists. We'll be depending on docid being in descending order for saved search support.
2021-03-30lei_to_mail: update some comments and styleEric Wong1-12/+13
Note that update_kw_maybe is critical in preventing accidental data loss with default "lei q --output" behavior. Also avoid treating (proposed) MH support as lock-free, since appears to lack specifications for locking and be even worse than mbox* in that regard...
2021-03-30git: local_nick: handle trailing or redundant '/' in git_dirEric Wong1-1/+1
Some cgit configs use trailing slashes in pathnames which we preserve internally. Before this change, trailing slashes in cgit config files was causing ViewVCS (SolverGit) output to show up as "???" for coderepos without cgitUrl configured.
2021-03-29lei_input: support compressed mboxesEric Wong6-61/+85
Since "lei q" and "lei convert" already support writing these compressed inboxes, it makes sense that all mbox readers support them, as well. Using compression is one reliable way to know an mboxrd or mboxo hasn't been unexpectedly truncated.
2021-03-29lei blob: cleanup solver tmpdir on failureEric Wong1-1/+1
$lei->fail sends SIGTERM which prevents the File::Temp::Dir in $solver->{tmp} from being cleaned up, so use $lei->child_error instead.