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2021-10-17extindex: better locations for {quit} checks HEAD master
Check for graceful termination at every message since it's a fairly inexpensive check.
2021-10-17extindex: guard against false mismatch unrefs
I'm not sure if this is a bug or not (or it could be an old bug in the v2 indexing code).
2021-10-17extindex: retry sync_inbox before reindex
Ensure the num highwater mark of the target inbox is stable before using it. Otherwise we may end up repeating work done to index a message.
2021-10-17extindex: use localtime to display lock time
Since this is intended for use on the command-line, include TZ offset in time and try to shorten the message a bit so it wraps less on a terminal.
2021-10-17msgmap: do not cache num_highwater
Caching the value doesn't seem necessary from a performance perspective, and it adds a caveat for read-only users which may lead to bugs in future code.
2021-10-16eml: fix leak workaround
Our previous workaround didn't actually work around the leak in <https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=139622> since croak()-via-Perl was still invoked before the SV reference count could be decremented. Put in a proper workaround which saves warnings onto a temporary variable and only croak after ->decode or ->encode returns; not inside those methods.
2021-10-16MANIFEST: regenerate with: git ls-files >MANIFEST
2021-10-16lei sockets: favor level-triggered epoll for fairness
Sigfd->event_step needs priority over script/lei clients, LeiSelfSocket, and everything else.
2021-10-16input_pipe: do not loop in ->event_step for fairness
Sigfd->event_step needs priority over InputPipe (and everything else). We keep Edge Triggering here but use ->requeue instead of looping inside event_step. This was necessary because InputPipe can be used with regular files which can't be monitored with epoll. We'll also rid of the vestigial lei-oneshot support while we're at it.
2021-10-16pkt_op: favor level-triggered epoll for fairness
Sigfd->event_step needs priority over PktOp (and everything else). We'll also add ECONNRESET checking, here, since it could see bidirectional use in the future. This is unlikely to have any sort of performance difference since this is only for small, occasional packets, but the code reduction is nice.
2021-10-16wqworker: favor level-triggered epoll for fairness
Sigfd->event_step needs priority over WQWorkers (and everything else). Do that by running once per event_loop iteration rather than looping inside event_step. This lowers throughput since it requires more syscalls, but that's the price of fairness.
2021-10-16t/lei*: set EDITOR for dumb terminals
Running tests over a non-interactive ssh session fails, otherwise.
2021-10-16doc: lei: add manpages for remaining commands
At this point all of the current lei commands, aside from -help and -sucks, should be covered.
2021-10-16doc: lei: restore alphabetical order to some listings
Most the lei-related entries in txt2pre and Makefile.PL are in alphabetical order. Reorder the few that aren't. While at it, reflow the Makefile.PL entries in preparation for the entries that will be added in the next commit.
2021-10-16extindex: avoid triggering a buggy unref
We can't attempt to unref messages beyond the highwater mark of an inbox. This bugfix was found by commit c485036d0b1ce7ed (extindex: guard against buggy unrefs, 2021-10-14), which actually did its intended job and guarded against a buggy unref.
2021-10-16httpd/async: switch to level-triggered epoll
We'll save ourselves some code here and let the kernel do more work, instead.
2021-10-16inbox + search: use 5.10.1 and do some golfing
Some yak-shaving while I try to track down other bugs...
2021-10-16lei_to_mail: quiet down abort messages
We don't need to flood the terminal with "W: $oid is (!= blob)\n" messages when somebody nukes a git cat-file process from under us.
2021-10-16lei_overview: die rather than lei->fail
This will make our code more flexible in case it gets used in non-lei things.
2021-10-16extindex: prune invalid alternate entries on --gc
Seeing the same warning over and over again gets annoying.
2021-10-16lei: more eval guards for die on failure
Relying on $lei->fail is unsustainable since there'll always be parts of our code and dependencies which can trigger die() and break the event loop.
2021-10-16lei: always keep cwd fd {3} for ->fchdir
The extra FD shouldn't cause noticeable overhead in short-lived workers, and it lets us simplify lei->rel2abs. Get rid of a 2-argument form of open() while we're at it, since it's been considered for warning+deprecation by Perl for safety reasons.
2021-10-16lei: golf PATH2CFG cleanup
More code means more bugs.
2021-10-16httpd: move pipeline logic into event_step
Most of the HTTP server code was written for Danga::Socket and not fully-transitioned to take advantage of PublicInbox::DS. This change brings it up-to-date with the style of pipeline handling used for -imapd and -nntpd.
2021-10-16imapd+nntpd: drop timer-based expiration
It's needlessly complex and O(n), so it doesn't scale well to a high number of clients nor is it easy-to-scale with the data structures available to us in pure Perl. In any case, I see no evidence of either -imapd nor -nntpd experiencing high connection loads on public-facing sites. -httpd has never had its own timer-based expiration, either. Fwiw, public-inbox.org itself has been running a public-facing HTTP/HTTPS server with no userspace idle client expiration for the past 8 years or with no ill effect. Clients can come and go as they wish, and SO_KEEPALIVE takes care of truly broken connections if they're gone for ~2 hours. Internet connections drop all time, so it should be harmless to drop connections w/o warning since both NNTP and IMAP protocols have well-defined semantics for determining if a message was truncated (as does HTTP/1.1+).
2021-10-16dir_idle: do not add watches in ->new
There's no savings in having two ways to add watches to an inotify nor kqueue descriptor.
2021-10-16smsg: add ->oidbin method
This makes some of our code less noisy by reducing the amount of pack('H*', ...) use.
2021-10-15lei q: guard query_done against die()
v2w->wq_do('done') may die on I/O errors, and likely other places. Just guard the entire block with an eval and ->fail as appropriate.
2021-10-15lei forget-search: support multiple args
I've been testing a lot of searches which I don't want to keep around, so make it easy to remove a bunch at once. We'll behave like rm(1) and keep going in the face of failure.
2021-10-15lei note-event: fix explicit flush reliability
We need to send the socket over to lei/store and wait for the kernel to drop the socket refcount down to zero before script/lei can exit. This is not a new bug and only caused very sporadic test failures. I only noticed it while simplifying IPC stuff.
2021-10-15lei + ipc: simplify process reaping
Simplify our APIs and force dwaitpid() to work in async mode for all lei workers. This avoids having lingering zombies for parallel searches if one worker finishes soon before another. The old distinction between "old" and "new" workers was needlessly complex, error-prone, and embarrasingly bad. We also never handled v2:// writers properly before on Ctrl-C/Ctrl-Z (SIGINT/SIGTSTP), so add them to @WQ_KEYS to ensure they get handled by $lei when appropropriate.
2021-10-15lei forget-search: fix for symlink-ed paths
If lei up and edit-search work on something, so should forget-search.
2021-10-15lei q: avoid kw lookup failure on remote mboxrd
When importing several sources in parallel via http(s) mboxrd, we need to be able to get keywords of uncommitted documents directly from shard workers. Otherwise, Xapian DocNotFound errors happen because the read-only LeiSearch won't see documents from uncomitted transactions. Keep in mind that it's possible the keywords can be changed on-the-fly even for uncommitted documents because of inotify watches from LeiNoteEvent.
2021-10-15www: various help text updates
`dt:' documentation is redundant with `d:' approxidate support; so drop `dt:' since mairix uses `d:'. We'll also document `rt:' since there are legit messages from senders with broken clocks. Reduce indentation level of help texts to be in 2-space increments to using too much horizontal space. We'll always place IMAP ahead of NNTP since it's alphabetical and there's likely more IMAP clients out there. Add "--ng NEWSGROUP" to -init instructions if configured. There's also some minor wording changes throughout.
2021-10-15lei up --all: send signals to workers, receive errors
The redispatch mechanism wasn't routing signals and messages between redispatched workers and script/lei properly. We now rely on PktOp to do bidirectional message forwarding and carefully avoiding circular references by using PktOp.
2021-10-15lei up: actually rely on DESTROY for --alllll
We need to use DESTROY here to ensure we wait for workers, too; not just the initial dispatch. Fixes: cafbd77b3c82167d ("lei up: avoid excessively parallel --all")
2021-10-15lei: TSTP affects all curl and related subprocesses
By relying more on pgroups for remaining remaining processes, this lets us pause all curl+tail subprocesses with a single kill(2) to avoid cluttering stderr. We won't bother pausing the pigz/gzip/bzip2/xz compressor process not cat-file processes, though, since those don't write to the terminal and they idle soon after the workers react to SIGSTOP. AutoReap is hoisted out from TestCommon.pm. CLONE_SKIP is gone since we won't be using Perl threads any time soon (they're discouraged by the maintainers of Perl).
2021-10-15git: cat-file --batch are their own pgrp
We want these long-lived processes to die naturally when their parent dies. Hopefully this improves graceful shutdown for -extindex because I'm interrupting a lot of reindexing...
2021-10-15git: ->fail invokes current callback
While we try to invoke all pending callbacks to force error handling, the current callback wasn't getting invoked on invoked on async_abort if my_read/my_readline failed.
2021-10-15git: async_err shows retried requests properly
We make $req a reference upon retrying, but "SCALAR(...)" in error messages isn't helpful, so dereference the scalar ref.
2021-10-15lei: use send() perlop for signals
This may save us a small bit of startup time since there's fewer args and opcodes should be smaller.
2021-10-15lei: give workers their own process group
This lets users Ctrl-Z from their terminal to pause an entire git-clone process hierarchy.
2021-10-14lei: -d (--dir) and -O (only) shortcuts
`-d' seems like a non-brainer for --dir with inspect. I find myself using `--only' a bit, too, and `-O' seems like a reasonable shortcut for it.
2021-10-14lei add-external --mirror: respect client umask
While lei is intended for non-public mail and runs umask(077) by default, externals are one area which can safely defer to the user's umask. Instead of sending it unconditionally with every command, only have lei-daemon request it when necessary.
2021-10-14clone+fetch: respect umask for all downloaded files
Since public inboxes are usually intended to be public, the File::Temp default permission of 0600 is wrong. Just respect the user's umask in this case as git-clone does. This doesn't work for "lei add-external --mirror", yet; but it will...
2021-10-14lei inspect: account for non-extindex inboxes
Inbox->xdb does not exist, but this code path was apparently never tested :x I noticed this on basic v2 inbox, but it could happen with any v1/v2 inbox. Move ->num2docid into Search so it's less awkward to use.
2021-10-14extindex: guard against buggy unrefs
I noticed some unref messages which shouldn't have been happening, but they were. Which is troubling. So add a guard around an unref path until we can get to the bottom of this.
2021-10-13fetch: support --try-remote/-T for alternate remote names
This allows -fetch to work out-of-the-box on using the grokmirror 2.x default of "_grokmirror".
2021-10-13t/nntpd-tls: change diag() to like() assertion
This test wasn't finished when I initially wrote it :x
2021-10-13t/git: avoid "once" warning for async_warn
No point in testing use_ok when we have no outside dependencies nor exports in this case.