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2023-11-29www: mail_diff: add missing </pre> tag HEAD master
2023-11-29www: mail_diff: add final newline before diffing
2023-11-29www: mail_diff: fix optional address obfuscation
2023-11-29lei q: fix --no-import-before completion + docs
2023-11-29www: load cindex join data for ->ALL, too
2023-11-29www: start working on a repo listing
2023-11-29cindex: extra quit checks
2023-11-29admin: resolve_git_dir respects symlinks
2023-11-29git: speed up Git->new by 5% or so
2023-11-29cindex: require `-g GIT_DIR' or `-r PROJECT_ROOT'
2023-11-29git: speed up ->git_path for non-worktrees
2023-11-29www: load and use cindex join data
2023-11-29hval: use File::Spec to make relative paths for href
2023-11-29xap_helper: implement mset endpoint for WWW, IMAP, etc...
2023-11-29xap_helper.h: move cindex endpoints to separate file
2023-11-29solver: schedule cleanup after synchronous git->check
2023-11-29codesearch: eliminate redundant substitutions
2023-11-29test_common: create_*: detect changes all parameters
2023-11-28disallow NUL characters in Message-ID and List-Id
2023-11-27www: qs_html: fix escaping of `q' param
2023-11-27xap_helper.h: avoid some off_t vs size_t problems
2023-11-27xap_helper: avoid strerror(3) inside signal handler
2023-11-26drop redundant calls to DS->Reset
2023-11-26git: improve coupling with {sock} and {inflight} fields
2023-11-26git: move rbuf handling to PublicInbox::IO
2023-11-26xap_helper: allow PI_NO_CXX to disable C++ in more places
2023-11-26xap_client: pass arguments to top-level xap_helper
2023-11-26xap_client: attach PID to the IO object
2023-11-26xap_helper_cxx: do not copy xap_helper.h source
2023-11-26ds: long_step: eliminate redundant fileno call
2023-11-26select+poll: have caller retry on EINTR
2023-11-26http: fix pipelining during long async requests
2023-11-25cindex: fix --join=reset and speed up incremental joins
2023-11-22lei_saved_search: don't create Git object during ->DESTROY
2023-11-22watch: support `watch=false' to negate watchspam
2023-11-22lei_to_mail: don't close STDOUT unless it is a mbox* output
2023-11-21cindex: rename --associate to --join, test w/ real repos
2023-11-21cindex: avoid unneeded and redundant `local' calls
2023-11-21searchidx: run `git patch-id' in parallel
2023-11-20git: return upon self->close
2023-11-20test_common: fix excessive wait for GNU tail inotify
2023-11-16extindex: warn and hint about --gc on bad ibx_id
2023-11-16lei q|up|convert: common finish_output to detect errors
2023-11-16lei: avoid extra fork for v2 outputs
2023-11-16lei convert: fix repeat and idempotent v2 output
2023-11-16lei: fix idempotent STDERR redirect in workers
2023-11-15xap_helper_cxx: accept leading spaces from pkg-config
2023-11-15treewide: more autodie safety fixes for older Perl
2023-11-15gcf2: fix autodie usage for older Perl
2023-11-15gcf2client: add alias for PublicInbox::Git::fail