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2021-09-23lei_xsearch: use localtime for user message HEAD master
2021-09-23lei: common --all[=remote|local] help message
2021-09-23xcpdb: avoid race when shards are added
2021-09-23xcpdb: -R$SHARDS creates new shards with correct perms
2021-09-23test_common: reset umask on non-forking run_script
2021-09-23daemons: revamp periodic cleanup task
2021-09-23gcf2 + extsearch: check for unlinked files on Linux
2021-09-22lei: drop redundant WQ EOF callbacks
2021-09-22lei up: avoid excessively parallel --all
2021-09-22inbox: do not waste hash slot on httpbackend_limiter
2021-09-22lei: dclose: do not close unnecessarily
2021-09-22treewide: fix %SIG localization, harder
2021-09-22ipc: do not add "0" to $0 of solo workers
2021-09-21lei: umask(077) before opening errors.log
2021-09-21script/lei: handle SIGTSTP and SIGCONT
2021-09-21lei q: improve --limit behavior and progress
2021-09-21lei q: update messages to reflect --save default
2021-09-21search: drop reopen retry message
2021-09-21lei q: show progress on >1s preparation phase
2021-09-21lei: various completion improvements
2021-09-21lei lcat: support NNTP URLs
2021-09-21lei lcat: use single queue for ordering
2021-09-21lei: simplify internal arg2folder usage
2021-09-21lei_mail_sync: account for non-unique cases
2021-09-21lei inspect: support NNTP URLs
2021-09-21lei inspect: convert to WQ worker
2021-09-20gcf2: fix loading at runtime
2021-09-19net_reader: NNTP: remove article numbers from mail_sync folders
2021-09-19net_reader: disallow imap.fetchBatchSize=0
2021-09-19lei config --edit: use controlling terminal
2021-09-19net_reader: no STARTTLS for IMAP localhost or onions
2021-09-19watch: use net_reader->mic_new wrapper for SOCKS+TLS
2021-09-19net_reader: fix single NNTP article fetch, test ranges
2021-09-19lei ls-mail-source: pretty JSON support
2021-09-19lei ls-mail-source: use "high"/"low" for NNTP
2021-09-19lei: clamp internal worker processes to 4
2021-09-19ipc: drop dynamic WQ process counts
2021-09-19lei_xsearch: drop Data::Dumper use
2021-09-19lei: simplify sto_done_request
2021-09-19lei/store: use SOCK_SEQPACKET rather than pipe
2021-09-19ipc: allow disabling broadcast for wq_workers
2021-09-19ipc: wq_do: support synchronous waits and responses
2021-09-19net_reader: quote URL properly for Tor .onion hint
2021-09-18lei up: automatically use dt: for remote externals
2021-09-18net_reader: set SO_KEEPALIVE on all Net::NNTP sockets
2021-09-18net_reader: support imaps:// w/ socks5h:// proxy
2021-09-18net_reader: detect IMAP failures earlier
2021-09-18net_reader: tie SocksDebug to {imap,nntp}.Debug
2021-09-18ds: support add unique timers
2021-09-18lei_mail_sync: set nodatacow on btrfs