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2022-01-31http: don't send chunk finalizer on HEAD responses
2021-10-24http: use a larger buffer for ->getline responses
2021-10-20httpd: reject requests with spaces in header names
2021-10-16httpd: move pipeline logic into event_step
2021-10-16imapd+nntpd: drop timer-based expiration
2021-10-13treewide: use warn() or carp() instead of env->{psgi.errors}
2021-10-09http: avoid Perl target cache for psgi.input
2021-08-28get rid of unnecessary bytes::length usage
2021-01-01update copyrights for 2021
2020-10-30tls: epollbit: account for miscellaneous OpenSSL errors
2020-07-06mboxgz: do asynchronous git blob retrievals
2020-06-28ds: remove fields.pm usage
2020-06-21daemon: use ->can to check for IO::Socket::SSL
2020-03-19http: fix RFC conformance w.r.t. message length
2020-02-06treewide: run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2020-01-25http: eliminate short-lived cyclic ref for psgix.io
2020-01-13ds|http|nntp: simplify {wbuf} population
2020-01-11allow HTTP_HOST to be '0' via defined() checks
2020-01-09http: log response_write errors
2020-01-06treewide: "require" + "use" cleanup and docs
2020-01-01http: update comment about psgix.io usage
2019-12-22http: avoid anonymous sub for getline callback
2019-12-22http: get rid of anonymous subs for write/close
2019-12-14ds: move EvCleanup code into DS
2019-09-17http: remove unnecessary delete
2019-09-17http: drop unused `$env' variable after delete
2019-09-14tmpfile: give temporary files meaningful names
2019-09-09run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2019-07-10http|nntp: avoid recursion inside ->write
2019-07-08http|nntp: "use PublicInbox::DS" instead of ->import
2019-06-29httpd/async: switch to buffering-as-fast-as-possible
2019-06-29http: support HTTPS (kinda)
2019-06-29ds: handle deferred DS->close after timers
2019-06-29http: use requeue instead of watch_in1
2019-06-29ds: share lazy rbuf handling between HTTP and NNTP
2019-06-24allow use of PerlIO layers for filesystem writes
2019-06-24ds: hoist out do_read from NNTP and HTTP
2019-06-24http|nntp: be explicit about bytes::length on rbuf
2019-06-24ds: pass $self to code references
2019-06-24http: don't pass extra args to PublicInbox::DS::close
2019-06-24ds: favor `delete' over assigning fields to `undef'
2019-06-24http|nntp: favor "$! == EFOO" over $!{EFOO} checks
2019-06-24ds: get rid of event_watch field
2019-06-24ds: set event flags directly at initialization
2019-06-24ds: switch write buffering to use a tempfile
2019-06-24ds: share send(..., MSG_MORE) logic
2019-06-24http: favor DS->write(strref) when reasonable
2019-06-24ds: lazy-initialize wbuf
2019-06-24ds: get rid of {closed} field
2019-06-16ds: stop distinguishing event read and write callbacks