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path: root/lib/PublicInbox/WatchMaildir.pm
DateCommit message (Expand)
2020-09-01rename WatchMaildir => Watch
2020-09-01watchmaildir: use v5.10.1, drop warnings
2020-09-01watch: limit batch size of NNTP and IMAP workers, too
2020-08-28imaptracker: update_last: simplify callers
2020-08-28watch: flush changes to inbox before updating IMAPTracker
2020-08-27watch: imap: only remove \Seen spam
2020-08-27watchmaildir: ensure I:/W:/E: prefixes in warnings
2020-08-07index: v2: --sequential-shard option
2020-08-03watch: quiet some warnings on spam mailboxes
2020-08-02remove unnecessary ->header_obj calls
2020-08-02inboxwritable: rename mime_from_path to eml_from_path
2020-08-01improve error handling on import fork / lock failures
2020-07-05watch: don't burn CPU on IDLE failures
2020-07-02watch: retry signals to kill IDLE and polling processes
2020-06-30watch: make waitpid() synchronous for Maildir scans
2020-06-30watch: ensure SIGCHLD works in forked children
2020-06-30watch: show path for warnings from spam messages
2020-06-30watch: check for duplicates in ->over before spamcheck
2020-06-28watch: simplify internal structures
2020-06-28watch: support ~/.netrc via Net::Netrc
2020-06-28watch: use our own "git credential" wrapper
2020-06-28watch: show user-specified URL consistently.
2020-06-28watch: add NNTP support
2020-06-28watch: just use ->urlmatch
2020-06-28watch: remove {mdir} array
2020-06-28watch: support multiple watch: directives per-inbox
2020-06-28watch: imap: be quiet about disconnecting on quit
2020-06-28watch: support imap.fetchBatchSize parameter
2020-06-28watch: avoid long transaction to IMAPTracker
2020-06-28imaptracker: add {url} field to reduce args
2020-06-28ds: add_timer: allow passing arg to callback.
2020-06-28watch: use UID SEARCH to avoid empty UID FETCH
2020-06-28watch: stop importers before forking
2020-06-28config: support ->urlmatch method for -watch
2020-06-28watch: support IMAP polling
2020-06-28watch: wire up IMAP IDLE reapers to DS
2020-06-28watch: use signalfd for Maildir watching
2020-06-28watch: remove Filesys::Notify::Simple dependency
2020-06-28watch: preliminary IMAP support
2020-06-28watchmaildir: fix check for spam vs ham inbox conflicts
2020-06-28watchmaildir: hoist out compile_watchheaders
2020-05-09replace most uses of PublicInbox::MIME with Eml
2020-04-25watchmaildir: match List-ID case-insensitively
2020-04-25watchmaildir: scan all matching headers
2020-04-20watchmaildir: support multiple watchheader values
2020-04-19inboxwritable: mime_from_path: reuse in more places
2020-02-06treewide: run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2020-01-11make Filesys::Notify::Simple optional
2020-01-11spawn (and thus popen_rd) die on failure
2020-01-06treewide: "require" + "use" cleanup and docs