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2023-09-30git: fix unused code path for cat-file stderr reset
2023-09-29git: calculate MAX_INFLIGHT properly in Perl
2023-04-29git: make check_async callbacks identical to cat_async
2023-04-20cindex: support sha256 coderepos alongside sha1
2023-04-12git: parallelize manifest_entry
2023-04-12git: rename version() to git_version()
2023-04-12git: cat_async_step: reduce batch-command info checks
2023-04-11git: fix cat_async_retry
2023-04-07switch git version comparisons to vstrings, too
2023-03-27git: check for --version errors
2023-02-03lei_mirror: use --no-write-fetch-head on git 2.29+
2023-01-30use Net::SSLeay (OpenSSL) for SHA-(1|256) if installed
2023-01-27git: drop needless checks for old git
2023-01-27git: use --batch-command in git 2.36+ to save processes
2023-01-26git: reduce delete ops in _destroy
2023-01-26git: drop needless ENOENT import
2023-01-26process_pipe: warn hackers off using it for bidirectional pipes
2023-01-26git: use core.abbrev=no on git 2.31+
2023-01-18git|gcf2: switch to awaitpid
2023-01-05git: pub_urls shows base_url default
2023-01-05git: fix non-empty SCRIPT_NAME handling for PSGI mounts
2023-01-05git: write_all: remove leftover debug messages
2023-01-04git: fix asynchronous batching for deep pipelines
2022-12-21git: cap MAX_INFLIGHT value to POSIX minimum
2022-10-05www_stream: use git->pub_urls for coderepo links
2022-10-05www_coderepo: wire up snapshot support
2022-10-05git: allow ->local_nick to return undef
2022-10-05www_coderepo: an alternative to cgit
2022-10-05git: move cloneurl + description reading here
2022-10-05git: hoist out description
2022-09-26git: reduce early bare-bones memory use
2022-02-17git: do not dereference undef as ARRAY ref
2021-11-10solver: support sha256 coderepos
2021-11-01treewide: kill problematic "$h->{k} //= do {" assignments
2021-10-24git: avoid Perl5 internal scratchpad target cache
2021-10-23git: simplify local_nick, avoid "foo.git.git"
2021-10-15git: cat-file --batch are their own pgrp
2021-10-15git: ->fail invokes current callback
2021-10-15git: async_err shows retried requests properly
2021-10-08git: fatalize async callback errors by default
2021-10-08git: async_abort includes --batch-check requests
2021-10-01inbox: keep DB handles if git processes are live
2021-09-29git: shorten --git-dir= in CLI with chdir in spawn
2021-09-29inbox: rewrite cleanup to be more aggressive
2021-09-23daemons: revamp periodic cleanup task
2021-09-23gcf2 + extsearch: check for unlinked files on Linux
2021-09-13use POSIX::PIPE_BUF (instead of _POSIX_PIPE_BUF)
2021-09-12manifest.js.gz: avoid long-lived per-epoch cat-file processes
2021-05-09git: fix numerous bugs in git_quote and git_unquote
2021-03-30git: local_nick: handle trailing or redundant '/' in git_dir