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2022-02-17git: do not dereference undef as ARRAY ref
2021-11-10solver: support sha256 coderepos
2021-11-01treewide: kill problematic "$h->{k} //= do {" assignments
2021-10-24git: avoid Perl5 internal scratchpad target cache
2021-10-23git: simplify local_nick, avoid "foo.git.git"
2021-10-15git: cat-file --batch are their own pgrp
2021-10-15git: ->fail invokes current callback
2021-10-15git: async_err shows retried requests properly
2021-10-08git: fatalize async callback errors by default
2021-10-08git: async_abort includes --batch-check requests
2021-10-01inbox: keep DB handles if git processes are live
2021-09-29git: shorten --git-dir= in CLI with chdir in spawn
2021-09-29inbox: rewrite cleanup to be more aggressive
2021-09-23daemons: revamp periodic cleanup task
2021-09-23gcf2 + extsearch: check for unlinked files on Linux
2021-09-13use POSIX::PIPE_BUF (instead of _POSIX_PIPE_BUF)
2021-09-12manifest.js.gz: avoid long-lived per-epoch cat-file processes
2021-05-09git: fix numerous bugs in git_quote and git_unquote
2021-03-30git: local_nick: handle trailing or redundant '/' in git_dir
2021-03-17www: improve visibility of coderepos
2021-03-16git: drop async_prefetch method
2021-02-10git: ->qx: respect caller's $/ in array context
2021-02-08search: use one git-rev-parse process for all dates
2021-02-08git: implement date_parse method
2021-01-30git: synchronous cat_file may return type and OID
2021-01-02git: manifest_entry: use ProcessPipe via popen_rd
2021-01-02git: qx: waitpid synchronously via ProcessPipe->CLOSE
2021-01-01lei_store: quiet down "git var" failures
2021-01-01update copyrights for 2021
2021-01-01avoid calling waitpid from children in DESTROY
2021-01-01use PublicInbox::DS for dwaitpid
2020-12-28git: qx: avoid extra "local" for scalar context case
2020-11-30git: ensure subclassed ->fail gets called
2020-11-30git: set non-blocking flag in case of other bugs
2020-11-24git: add manifest_entry method
2020-10-17git: introduce async_wait_all
2020-10-16git: async: loop inflight checks for nested callbacks
2020-10-16git: *_async: support nested callback invocations
2020-10-16git: ensure ->destroy clobbers check_async read buffer
2020-09-19gcf2: wire up read-only daemons and rm -gcf2 script
2020-09-19gcf2: require git dir with OID
2020-09-19gcf2: transparently retry on missing OID
2020-09-16treewide: relax allow >=40 chars for git OID
2020-08-27git: show more context info on failures
2020-07-26imap: introduce and use Git->async_prefetch
2020-07-25searchidx: support async git check
2020-07-06git: use v5.10.1, parent.pm and Time::HiRes::stat
2020-06-25git_async_cat: remove circular reference
2020-06-13git: async: automatic retry on alternates change
2020-06-13git: move async_cat reference to PublicInbox::Git