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From: Charles Oliver Nutter <headius@headius.com>
To: rack-devel@googlegroups.com
Subject: Re: Not cleaning up tempfiles for multipart?
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 08:34:25 -0600	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <f04d2211003070634n18419af5t38a59e2e394fff7@mail.gmail.com> (raw)
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On Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 4:25 AM, Hongli Lai <hongli@phusion.nl> wrote:
>> Why not?  Tempfiles are objects, too.  It's perfectly reasonable
>> to let GC clean them up like any other object.
> Phusion Passenger terminates worker processes by calling exit!. This
> does not call finalizers on MRI, causing temp files to be left behind
> sometimes. There seems to be no way to call finalizers, even GC.start
> doesn't work. I too would like to see Tempfiles being cleaned up
> explicitly.

We did run into some difficulties proving that MRI cleans up old files
when it GCs, mostly because of quirks in the GC (constructing the
tempfile in a method body kept it alive even when it wasn't
referenced, but constructing it in a block invocation allowed it to
GC...MRI's GC baffles me sometimes). But we did confirm it...it's just
unreliable in certain cases (and obviously if you exit! it's totally
useless, since the process just disappears and leaves files behind).

All IO-related objects should be explicitly cleaned up, without
exception...including the unlink of a tempfile once it's no longer

> Other than that, I've seen system administrators who are confused by
> the fact that such Tempfiles are not immediately cleaned up. Some
> people who operate websites that handle a large number of concurrent
> uploads are worried that they might run out of disk space because of
> this.

This is what we ran into. Because of a bug in JRuby 1.4, our new
Tempfile impl was only unlinking them on exit (or when explicitly told
to do so, of course). A user eventually filled their temp space since
various Ruby libraries did not explicitly close! Tempfile resources,
including Rack (attachment_fu was the other one...have not looked into
that yet).

Yes, JRuby was incorrect to not unlink tempfiles on GC, but Rack (and
any other Ruby library dong the same) is broken if it does not clean
up tempfiles once they're no longer needed.

I'm certainly willing to help fix Rack, but I'm not sure where would
be the best place to close! the tempfile.

- Charlie

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