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2021-09-22lei: drop redundant WQ EOF callbacks
2021-09-22script/lei: describe purpose of sleep loop
2021-09-21script/lei: handle SIGTSTP and SIGCONT
2021-09-17script/lei: umask(077) before execve
2021-09-15support -C (chdir) for most non-daemon commands
2021-09-15fetch: support --exit-code switch
2021-09-15multi_git: hoist out common epoch/alternates handling
2021-09-12init: set a useful description
2021-09-12new public-inbox-{clone,fetch} commands
2021-09-11lei: fix handling of broken lei.saved-search config files
2021-08-11treewide: use *nix-specific dirname regexps
2021-08-08httpd: set psgi.url_scheme to 'https' for TLS listeners
2021-08-04extindex: fix boost with partial runs
2021-07-31extindex: -xcpdb and -compact support
2021-07-28lei: die on ECONNRESET
2021-07-28treewide: s/sequential_shard/sequential-shard/g
2021-07-25init: support git <2.30 for "-c KEY=VALUE" args
2021-07-25extindex: support --dedupe[=MSGID]
2021-07-22init: allow arbitrary key-values via -c KEY=VALUE
2021-07-20httpd: fix SIGHUP by invalidating cache on reload
2021-07-06extindex: implement --dedupe to fix old extindices
2021-05-28script/lei: drop leftover message about fallback
2021-05-26lei: require Socket::MsgHdr or Inline::C, drop oneshot
2021-05-05script/public-inbox-extindex: chmod +x
2021-05-01lei edit-search: support relocating lei.q.output
2021-04-28lei: simple WQ workers use {wq1} field
2021-04-22lei: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/dev/null disables daemon mode
2021-04-17lei q: fix MUA spawn after reading query from stdin
2021-04-05script/lei: waitpid for git-credential and pager
2021-04-02lei: fix git-credential handling
2021-04-01script/lei: background ourselves on MUA/pager exec
2021-03-28treewide: shorten temporary filename
2021-02-08lei: drop BSD::Resource usage
2021-02-08lei q: SIGWINCH process group with the terminal
2021-02-07script/lei: avoid waitpid(-1, ...) to keep tests fast
2021-02-07init: lowercase -j for --jobs
2021-02-04lei: use sleep(1) loop for infinite sleep
2021-02-01lei: avoid ETOOMANYREFS, cleanup imports
2021-02-01lei: increase initial timeout
2021-01-24ipc: get rid of wq_set_recv_modes
2021-01-23lei: support remote externals
2021-01-22lei: remove INT/QUIT/TERM handlers, fix daemon EOF
2021-01-15lei: pass FD to CWD via cmsg, use fchdir on server
2021-01-14daemon+watch: fix localization of %SIG for non-signalfd users
2021-01-14lei: test SIGPIPE, stop xsearch workers on client abort
2021-01-12lei_xsearch: transfer 4 FDs internally, drop IO::FDPass
2021-01-12lei: run pager in client script
2021-01-12lei: get rid of client {pid} field
2021-01-12ipc: start supporting sending/receiving more than 3 FDs
2021-01-12cmd_ipc: send FDs with buffer payload