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2019-01-10Merge commit 'mem'
2019-01-09doc: various overview-level module comments
2019-01-08over: cull unneeded fields for get_thread
2019-01-08searchmsg: remove unused fields for PSGI in Xapian results
2019-01-08searchmsg: remove Xapian::Document field
2019-01-08searchmsg: get rid of termlist scanning for mid
2018-04-20disallow "\t" and "\n" in OVER headers
2018-04-07store less data in the Xapian document
2018-04-06search: index and allow searching by date-time
2018-04-05searchmsg: remove unused `tid' and `path' methods
2018-04-02replace Xapian skeleton with SQLite overview DB
2018-04-01search: reduce columns stored in Xapian
2018-03-29searchmsg: document why we store To: and Cc: for NNTP
2018-03-27view: depend on SearchMsg for Message-ID
2018-03-27view: permalink (per-message) view shows multiple messages
2018-03-22fix syntax warnings
2018-03-22use both Date: and Received: times
2018-03-19v2writable: implement remove correctly
2018-03-06favor Received: date over Date: header globally
2018-03-03searchidx: store the primary MID in doc data for NNTP
2018-03-03searchidx: use add_boolean_term for internal terms
2018-03-03searchidx: support indexing multiple MIDs
2018-03-02search: revert to using 'Q' as a uniQue id per-Xapian conventions
2018-02-22v2: parallelize Xapian indexing
2018-02-14search: free up 'Q' prefix for a real unique identifier
2018-02-13searchmsg: add mid_mime import for _extract_mid
2018-02-07update copyrights for 2018
2017-10-03search: try to fill in ghosts when generating thread skeleton
2017-06-14search: remove unnecessary abstractions and functionality
2017-01-07search: remove subject_summary
2017-01-07searchmsg: favor direct hash access over accessor methods
2017-01-07remove incorrect comment about strftime + locales
2016-12-20searchmsg: remove ensure_metadata
2016-12-17searchmsg: do not memoize {date} field
2016-12-17searchmsg: remove locale-dependency for ->date
2016-12-13searchmsg: remove unused EPOCH_822 constant
2016-10-05thread: remove Email::Abstract wrapping
2016-08-04searchmsg: add git object ID to doc_data
2016-06-25address: remove Address::from_name
2016-06-20www: improve topic view by scanning for ghosts
2016-05-30use utf8::{encode,decode} for in-place transforms
2016-05-29searchmsg: all timestamps stored in Xapian are UTC
2016-05-25remove Email::Address dependency
2016-04-30searchmsg: ensure long subject lines are not broken
2016-03-12searchmsg: preserve hard tabs, but drop CR (\r)
2016-03-03use raw header for Message-ID
2016-02-28searchmsg: update + fix license header
2015-11-20various internal documentation updates
2015-09-30nntp: implement OVER/XOVER summary in search document
2015-09-19nntp: implement XROVER, speed up XHDR for some cases