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2019-05-08Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/danga-bundle'
2019-05-08DS: epoll: fix misordered EPOLL_CTL_DEL call
2019-05-08DS: drop unused "_undef" sub
2019-05-08syscall: drop readahead wrapper
2019-05-08DS: handle EINTR in IO::Poll path, too
2019-05-08nntp: avoid uninitialized variable from blank requests
2019-05-07wwwstream: do not load URI.pm
2019-05-07spawn (Inline::C): fix off-by-one error
2019-05-06index: warn with info about the message as context
2019-05-05Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/wwwlisting'
2019-05-05DS: workaround IO::Kqueue EINTR (mis-)handling
2019-05-05DS: drop profiling support
2019-05-05DS: remove unused fields and functions
2019-05-05listener: use EPOLLEXCLUSIVE for listen sockets
2019-05-04bundle Danga::Socket and Sys::Syscall
2019-05-04wwwstream: drop tor2web URL
2019-04-27extmsg: escape ampersands in @EXT_URL array
2019-04-26viewdiff: do not break out of DSTATE_CTX on /^$/
2019-04-25cgit: improve handling of cgit data path
2019-04-24wwwhighlight: deal with no-op highlight
2019-04-24wwwhighlight: do linkification, too
2019-04-23view: avoid "1+ messages" in per-message footer of /t/ and /T/
2019-04-19www: support listing of inboxes
2019-04-19start depending on Perl 5.10.1+
2019-04-18linkify: require parentheses pairs in URLs
2019-04-18view: show "(no subject)" consistently in HTML
2019-04-18linkify: don't get confused by URLs in Perl code, at least
2019-04-18inbox: add `modified' sub
2019-04-18git: calculate modified time of repository
2019-04-18config: use '$ibx' instead of '$rv' to denote Inbox objects
2019-04-16import: prefix 'inbox' with '-' to denote Inbox ref
2019-04-16cleanup: use '$ibx' consistently when referring to Inbox refs
2019-04-16www: remove unnecessary Git object reference
2019-04-15config: fix regression in repo.path => coderepo.dir mapping
2019-04-15viewdiff: document constants
2019-04-15config: support more cgit directives for project lists
2019-04-15cgit: serve static css, logo, favicon directly
2019-04-15config: support cgit scan-path and scan-hidden-path
2019-04-04www: fix missing cgit fallback after legacy redirects
2019-04-04spawn: require soft and hard entries in RLIMIT_* handling
2019-04-04cgit: use a dedicated named limiter
2019-04-04qspawn: wire up RLIMIT_* handling to limiters
2019-04-04www: wire up cgit as a 404 handler if cgitrc is configured
2019-04-04cgit: support running cgit as a standalone CGI
2019-04-04spawn: support absolute paths
2019-04-04githttpbackend: check for other errors and relax CRLF check
2019-04-04githttpbackend: move more psgi.input handling into subroutine
2019-04-04support publicinbox.cgitrc directive
2019-04-04spawn: support RLIMIT_CPU, RLIMIT_DATA and RLIMIT_CORE
2019-04-04viewvcs: match 8000-byte lookup for git