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DateCommit message (Expand)
2019-01-09doc: various overview-level module comments
2018-04-07psgi: ensure /$INBOX/$MESSAGE_ID/T/ endpoint is chronological
2018-04-06www: favor reading more from SQLite, and less from Xapian
2018-04-05mbox: do not sort search results
2018-04-03msgmap: replace id_batch with ids_after
2018-04-03mbox: remove remaining OFFSET usage in SQLite
2018-04-02www: rework query responses to avoid COUNT in SQLite
2018-03-29mbox: avoid extracting Message-ID for linkification
2018-03-29www: remove unnecessary ghost checks
2018-03-27view: permalink (per-message) view shows multiple messages
2018-03-23www: $MESSAGE_ID/raw endpoint supports "duplicates"
2018-02-07update copyrights for 2018
2017-12-01search: allow downloading search results as mbox
2017-10-04mbox: support inline filename via Content-Disposition header
2017-06-23mbox: show application/mbox for obfuscated inboxes
2016-12-10search: always sort thread results in ascending time order
2016-08-14www: do not unecessarily escape some chars in paths
2016-08-06mbox: be fair to other HTTP clients
2016-08-04searchmsg: add git object ID to doc_data
2016-07-09cleanup some unnecessary use/requires
2016-07-02inbox: base_url method takes PSGI env hashref instead
2016-06-24mbox: reduce small packets for gzipped mboxes
2016-06-20feed: various object-orientation cleanups
2016-06-20mbox: avoid write dependency for streaming
2016-06-20mbox: remove feed dependency
2016-06-19mbox: set gzip timestamp to the Unix epoch
2016-05-21mbox: switch generation over to pull model
2016-05-15mbox: support /$INBOX/all.mbox.gz endpoint
2016-05-15mbox: consistent header order when decompressed
2016-05-06mbox: sort messages by ascending date
2016-04-12mbox: do not clobber existing archive headers in WWW
2016-04-11mbox: unconditionally add trailing newline
2015-12-22rename 'GitCatFile' package to 'Git'
2015-11-20various internal documentation updates
2015-10-04mbox: generate Archived-At, List-Post, List-Archive headers
2015-10-04mbox: kill Bytes meta-header, too
2015-09-30remove unnecessary fields usage
2015-09-06update copyright headers and email addresses
2015-09-03get rid of Message-ID compression entirely
2015-08-26mbox: close file handle for single mbox
2015-08-25mid: mid_compressed => mid_compress
2015-08-23cleanup calls to header_obj
2015-08-23mbox: clarify our use of the the mboxrd variant
2015-08-23mbox: use mboxrd quoting rules
2015-08-23.txt links return an mbox instead
2015-08-22mbox: support uncompressed mbox
2015-08-22stream HTML views as much as possible
2015-08-21mbox: drop unnecessary imports
2015-08-21switch to gzipped mboxes
2015-08-21mbox: stream entire thread, regardless of size