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2016-07-02inbox: base_url method takes PSGI env hashref instead
2016-06-30www_stream: add response wrapper sub
2016-06-30feed: add $INBOX/new.html endpoint
2016-06-30view: merge $state hash with existing $ctx
2016-06-30view: show thread context in the thread-aware flat view
2016-06-30www: use WwwStream for dumping thread and search views
2016-06-25address: remove Address::from_name
2016-06-20feed: various object-orientation cleanups
2016-06-20feed: remove dependence on fh->write for streaming
2016-06-20feed: avoid needless method dispatches on 404
2016-06-17feed: split out top-of-page generation
2016-05-30www: remove a few more Plack::Request dependencies
2016-05-25remove Email::Address dependency
2016-05-21localize $/ in more places to avoid potential problems
2016-05-19www: support downloading attachments
2016-05-18feed: inline feed entry generation
2016-05-16www: fix for running under mount paths
2016-05-14rename most instances of "list" to "inbox"
2016-04-25www: add rel=next and rel=prev navigation hints
2016-04-13www: stop generating /$MESSAGE_ID/f/ links
2016-04-02www: various style changes and comment updates
2016-03-12feed: fix brain farts in new_oneline removal
2016-03-12reduce "PublicInbox::Hval->new_oneline" use
2016-03-05feed: remove unnecessary encoding lookup
2016-03-03use raw header for Message-ID
2016-02-28reduce calls to close unless error checks are needed
2016-02-25remove direct CGI.pm support
2016-02-13feed: favor relative URL to Atom feed in HTML
2016-02-08feed: declare alternate link to HTML interface
2016-01-03www: comments for denoting Plack::Request vs CGI
2015-12-26use "Atom feed" consistently in headers/footers
2015-12-25view: favor whitespace wrap in <head>
2015-12-22rename 'GitCatFile' package to 'Git'
2015-12-22hval: move PRE constant for wrapping UGC here
2015-11-20various internal documentation updates
2015-11-18feed: capitalize "Atom" consistently
2015-09-13searchview: implement Atom feed for search results
2015-09-13feed: consolidate updated tag generation
2015-09-06update copyright headers and email addresses
2015-09-05view: preliminary HTML search interface
2015-09-04index: use message threading if search is available
2015-09-03feed: use application/atom+xml for Content-Type
2015-09-03get rid of Message-ID compression entirely
2015-09-01feed: extra newline after nav footer if list footer exists
2015-09-01feed: fix <updated> tag in Atom feed
2015-09-01completely revamp URL structure to shorten permalinks
2015-09-01www: root atom feed is "new.atom" and not "atom.xml"
2015-09-01implement per-thread Atom feeds
2015-09-01feed: extract atom header generation
2015-09-01feed: use updated date based on git commit date