PUBLIC-INBOX-EXTINDEX(1)   public-inbox user manual   PUBLIC-INBOX-EXTINDEX(1)

       public-inbox-extindex - create and update external search indices

       public-inbox-extindex [OPTIONS] EXTINDEX_DIR INBOX_DIR...

       public-inbox-extindex [OPTIONS] [EXTINDEX_DIR] --all

       public-inbox-extindex creates and updates an external search and
       overview database used by the read-only public-inbox PSGI (HTTP), NNTP,
       and IMAP interfaces.  This requires either the Search::Xapian XS
       bindings OR the Xapian SWIG bindings, along with DBD::SQLite and DBI
       Perl modules.

       -j JOBS
       --max-size SIZE
       --batch-size SIZE
           These switches behave as they do for public-inbox-index(1)

           Index all "publicinbox" entries in "PI_CONFIG".

           "publicinbox" entries indexed by "public-inbox-extindex" can have
           full Xapian searching abilities with the per-"publicinbox"
           "indexlevel" set to "basic" and their respective Xapian ("xap15" or
           "xapian15") directories removed.  For multiple public-inboxes where
           cross-posting is common, this allows significant space savings on
           Xapian indices.

           Perform garbage collection instead of indexing.  Use this if
           inboxes are removed from the extindex, or if messages are purged or
           removed from some inboxes.

           Forces a re-index of all messages in the extindex.  This can be
           used for in-place upgrades and bugfixes while read-only server
           processes are utilizing the index.  Keep in mind this roughly
           doubles the size of the already-large Xapian database.

           The extindex locks will be released roughly every 10s to allow
           public-inbox-mda(1) and public-inbox-watch(1) processes to write to
           the extindex.

           Used with "--reindex", it will only look for new and stale entries
           and not touch already-indexed messages.


       public-inbox-extindex does not currently write to the
       public-inbox-config(5) file, configuration may be entered manually.
       The extindex name of "all" is a special case which corresponds to
       indexing "--all" inboxes.  An example for "--all" is as follows:

               [extindex "all"]
                       topdir = /path/to/extindex_dir
                       url = all
                       coderepo = foo
                       coderepo = bar

       See public-inbox-config(5) for more details.

               Used to override the default "~/.public-inbox/config" value.

               The number of documents to update before committing changes to
               disk.  This environment is handled directly by Xapian, refer to
               Xapian API documentation for more details.

               Setting "XAPIAN_FLUSH_THRESHOLD" or
               "publicinbox.indexBatchSize" for a large "--reindex" may cause
               public-inbox-mda(1), public-inbox-learn(1) and
               public-inbox-watch(1) tasks to wait long and unpredictable
               periods of time during "--reindex".

               Default: none, uses "publicinbox.indexBatchSize"

       Occasionally, public-inbox will update it's schema version and require
       a full index by running this command.

       Feedback welcome via plain-text mail to <>

       The mail archives are hosted at <> and

       Copyright all contributors <>

       License: AGPL-3.0+ <>

       Search::Xapian, DBD::SQLite

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