public-inbox-watch - mailbox watcher for public-inbox


    In ~/.public-inbox/config:

            [publicinbox "test"]
                    ; generic public-inbox-config keys:
                    address =
                    url =
                    inboxdir = /path/to/

                    ; config keys specific to public-inbox-watch:

                    watch = maildir:/path/to/maildirs/.INBOX.test/

                    ; optional, emails that don't have a header matching
                    ; value will be skipped
                    watchheader = List-Id:<>

                    ; optional, enable use of spamc(1) for checking:
                    spamcheck = spamc

                    ; optional, emails marked as read which appear
                    ; here will be trained as spam and deleted from
                    ; the inboxdirs of any public-inboxes which are
                    ; configured for watch.
                    ; This is global for all publicinbox.* sections
                    watchspam = maildir:/path/to/maildirs/.INBOX.spam

    public-inbox-watch allows watching a mailbox or newsgroup for the
    arrival of new messages and automatically importing them into
    public-inbox git repositories and indices. public-inbox-watch is useful
    in situations when a user wishes to mirror an existing mailing list, but
    has no access to run public-inbox-mda(1) on a server. Unlike
    public-inbox-mda which is invoked once per-message, public-inbox-watch
    is a persistent process, making it faster for after-the-fact imports of
    large Maildirs.

    Upon startup, it scans the mailbox for new messages to be imported while
    it was not running.

    As of public-inbox 1.6.0, Maildirs, IMAP folders, and NNTP newsgroups
    are supported. Previous versions of public-inbox only supported

    public-inbox-watch should be run inside a screen(1) session or as a
    systemd(1) service. Errors are emitted to stderr.

    public-inbox-watch takes no command-line options.

    These configuration knobs should be used in the public-inbox-config(5)

            A location to watch. public-inbox 1.5.0 and earlier only
            supported "maildir:" paths:

                    [publicinbox "test"]
                            watch = maildir:/path/to/maildirs/.INBOX.test/

            public-inbox 1.6.0 supports "nntp://", "nntps://", "imap://" and
            "imaps://" URLs:

                            watch = nntp://
                            watch = imaps://

            This may be specified multiple times to combine several
            mailboxes into a single public-inbox. URLs requiring
            authentication will require netrc(5) and/or git-credential(1) to
            fill in the username and password.

            Default: none

                    [publicinbox "test"]
                            watchheader = List-Id:<>

            If specified, public-inbox-watch(1) will only process mail
            matching the given header. If specified multiple times in
            public-inbox 1.5 or later, mail will be processed if it matches
            any of the values. Only the last value was used in public-inbox
            1.4 and earlier.

            Default: none

            This may be set to "spamc" to enable the use of SpamAssassin
            spamc(1) for filtering spam before it is imported into git
            history. Other spam filtering backends may be supported in the

            Default: none

            A Maildir to watch for confirmed spam messages to appear in.
            Messages which appear in this folder with the (S)een flag will
            be hidden from all configured inboxes based on Message-ID and
            content matching.

            Messages without the (S)een flag are not considered for hiding.
            This hiding affects all configured public-inboxes in PI_CONFIG.

            As with "publicinbox.$", "imap://" and "imaps://" URLs
            are supported in public-inbox 1.6.0+.

            Default: none; only for public-inbox-watch(1) users

    imap.Starttls / imap.$URL.Starttls
            Whether or not to use "STARTTLS" on plain "imap://" connections.

            May be specified for certain URLs via "--get-urlmatch" in
            git-config(1) in git(1) 1.8.5+.

            Default: "true"

    imap.Compress / imap.$URL.Compress
            Whether or not to use the IMAP COMPRESS (RFC4978) extension to
            save bandwidth. This is not supported by all IMAP servers and
            some advertising this feature may not implement it correctly.

            May be specified only for certain URLs if git(1) 1.8.5+ is
            installed to use "--get-urlmatch" in git-config(1)

            Default: "false"

    nntp.Starttls / nntp.$URL.Starttls
            Whether or not to use "STARTTLS" on plain "nntp://" connections.

            May be specified for certain URLs via "--get-urlmatch" in
            git-config(1) in git(1) 1.8.5+.

            Default: "false" if the hostname is a Tor ".onion", "true"

    SIGHUP  Reload the config file (default: ~/.public-inbox/config)

    SIGUSR1 Rescan all watched mailboxes. This is done automatically after

            Gracefully shut down. In-flight messages will be stored and

            config file. default: ~/.public-inbox/config See

            This may affect any public-inbox processes, but is intended for
            long-lived ones such as "public-inbox-watch" or network daemons.
            See public-inbox-daemon(8).

    Feedback welcome via plain-text mail to <>

    The mail archives are hosted at <> and

    Copyright 2016-2021 all contributors <>

    License: AGPL-3.0+ <>