PUBLIC-INBOX-LEARN(1)      public-inbox user manual      PUBLIC-INBOX-LEARN(1)

       public-inbox-learn - spam trainer and remover for public-inbox

         public-inbox-learn <spam|ham|rm> </path/to/RFC2822_message

       public-inbox-learn can remove spam or inject ham messages into an inbox
       while training a SpamAssassin instance.

       It is intended for users of public-inbox-mda(1) or
       public-inbox-watch(1), but not users relying on git-fetch(1) to mirror

       It reads one message from standard input and operates on it depending
       on the command given:

       public-inbox-learn takes one of the following commands as its first and
       only argument:

       spam    Treat the message as spam.  This will mark the message as
               removed so it becomes inaccessible via NNTP or WWW endpoints
               for all configured inboxes.

               The message remains accessible in git history.

               It will also be fed to spamc(1) for training purposes unless
               "publicinboxmda.spamcheck" is "none" in public-inbox-config(5).

       ham     Treat standard input as ham.  This is useful for manually
               injecting messages into the archives which failed the spam
               check run by public-inbox-mda(1) or public-inbox-watch(1).

               It relies on the "To:", "Cc:", and "List-ID:" headers to match
               configured inbox addresses and "listid" directives.

               It will also be fed to spamc(1) for training purposes unless
               "publicinboxmda.spamcheck" is "none" in public-inbox-config(5).

       rm      This is similar to the "spam" command above, but does not feed
               the message to spamc(1) and only removes messages which match
               on any of the "To:", "Cc:", and "List-ID:" headers.

               The "--all" option may be used match "spam" semantics in
               removing the message from all configured inboxes.  "--all" is
               only available in public-inbox 1.6.0+.

               Per-user config file parseable by git-config(1).  See

               Default: ~/.public-inbox/config

       Feedback welcome via plain-text mail to <>

       The mail archives are hosted at <> and

       Copyright 2019-2021 all contributors <>

       License: AGPL-3.0+ <>

       spamc(1), public-inbox-mda(1), public-inbox-watch(1)

public-inbox.git                  1993-10-02             PUBLIC-INBOX-LEARN(1)