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2022-04-23public-inbox 1.8.0 v1.8.0
2022-04-22doc: update 1.8 WIP release notes
2022-04-22lei: commit store on interrupted partial imports
2022-04-18syscall: golf + more idiomatic buffer initialization
2022-04-18lei: wire up pure Perl sendmsg/recvmsg for Linux users
2022-04-18syscall: more idiomatic cmsghdr space allocation
2022-04-18lei: clobber recvmsg buffer on errors
2022-04-18lei_mail_sync: explicit bind for old SQL_VARCHAR compat
2022-04-05lei: always open mail_sync.sqlite3 R/W
2022-04-02view: remove unused $end variable
2022-04-02examples/unsubscribe.milter: RFC 8058 (List-Unsubscribe=One-Click)
2022-04-02examples/unsubscribe.milter: use IO::Socket, again
2022-04-02lei_mail_sync: store OIDs and Maildir filenames as blobs
2022-04-02lei_mail_sync: ensure URLs and folder names are stored as binary
2022-04-01TODO: add item for auto-detecting TLS files in daemons
2022-04-01doc: add WIP release notes for 1.8
2022-04-01viewdiff: use defined checks in more places
2022-03-24syscall: add sendmsg+recvmsg for remaining arches
2022-03-23syscall: implement sendmsg+recvmsg in pure Perl
2022-03-23recv_cmd: do not undef recvmsg buffer arg on errors
2022-03-23syscall: drop unused EEXIST import
2022-03-22www: loosen deep-linking prevention
2022-03-14t/lei-sigpipe.t: ensure SIGPIPE is not ignored instead of not blocked
2022-03-08index|extindex: support --dangerous flag
2022-03-01t/lei-sigpipe: ensure SIGPIPE is unblocked for this test
2022-02-18t/lei-sigpipe: attempt to improve diagnostics for stuck test
2022-02-17git: do not dereference undef as ARRAY ref
2022-02-14sharedkv: avoid ambiguity for numeric-like string keys
2022-02-14sharedkv: remove unused subs
2022-02-14t/lei-*watch: disable flaky tests by default for now
2022-02-11view: remove all CR before LF
2022-02-03test_lei: use consistent locale for error messages
2022-02-01syscall: FS_IOC_*FLAGS: define on per-architecture basis
2022-02-01syscall: fallback to rename on renameat2 EINVAL
2022-01-31rewrite Linux nodatacow use in pure Perl w/o system
2022-01-31http: don't send chunk finalizer on HEAD responses
2022-01-23t/eml.t: ignore newer Email::MIME behavior
2021-12-08Makefile.PL: fix useless use of push
2021-11-30eliminate some unused subs
2021-11-22lei: always use 3-arg open perlop
2021-11-22spawn: avoid C++ keyword `try'
2021-11-22searchidx: avoid modification of read-only `$_'
2021-11-22t/lei-mirror: skip lei comparisons if lei missing
2021-11-15lei forget-search: add help for --prune
2021-11-10t/lei-watch: test with with higher sleep
2021-11-10lei q: make HTTP(S) query strings even less ugly
2021-11-10lei q: disallow "\n" in argv[] elements
2021-11-10lei up: infer rawstr from old searches via trailing "\n"
2021-11-10ipc: note failing sub name
2021-11-10solver: support sha256 coderepos