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BranchCommit messageDate
mastert/eml.t: ignore newer Email::MIME behavior2022-01-23
stable-1.6www: use PublicInbox::WwwStream2021-02-24
p516-leakhttpd: disable Deflater middleware by default on Perl <5.182019-09-26
malloc_infooptionally support glibc malloc_info via SIGCONT2019-06-10
ci-WIPci: include some scripts to make CI easier2019-05-09
v1.7.0public-inbox-1.7.0.tar.gz  2021-11-04
v1.6.1public-inbox-1.6.1.tar.gz  2020-12-31
v1.6.0public-inbox-1.6.0.tar.gz  2020-09-16
v1.5.0public-inbox-1.5.0.tar.gz  2020-05-10
v1.4.0public-inbox-1.4.0.tar.gz  2020-04-17
DateCommit message
2022-01-23t/eml.t: ignore newer Email::MIME behavior HEAD master
2021-12-08Makefile.PL: fix useless use of push
2021-11-30eliminate some unused subs
2021-11-22lei: always use 3-arg open perlop
2021-11-22spawn: avoid C++ keyword `try'
2021-11-22searchidx: avoid modification of read-only `$_'
2021-11-22t/lei-mirror: skip lei comparisons if lei missing
2021-11-15lei forget-search: add help for --prune
2021-11-10t/lei-watch: test with with higher sleep
2021-11-10lei q: make HTTP(S) query strings even less ugly