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masterlei: pass FD to CWD via cmsg, use fchdir on serverEric Wong33 hours
stable-1.6public-inbox 1.6.1 - minor bugfix releaseEric Wong2 weeks
leiMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into loreleiEric Wong2 weeks
p516-leakhttpd: disable Deflater middleware by default on Perl <5.18Eric Wong16 months
malloc_infooptionally support glibc malloc_info via SIGCONTEric Wong19 months
v1.6.1public-inbox-1.6.1.tar.gz  Eric Wong2 weeks
v1.6.0public-inbox-1.6.0.tar.gz  Eric Wong4 months
v1.5.0public-inbox-1.5.0.tar.gz  Eric Wong8 months
v1.4.0public-inbox-1.4.0.tar.gz  Eric Wong9 months
v1.3.0public-inbox-1.3.0.tar.gz  Eric Wong11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
33 hourslei: pass FD to CWD via cmsg, use fchdir on server HEAD masterEric Wong3-47/+12
33 hourslei: remove temporary var on openEric Wong1-5/+2
33 hoursleixsearch: remove some commented out codeEric Wong1-4/+0
33 hourslei: q: lock stdout on overview outputEric Wong5-5/+75
34 hourslei_overview: rename "references" to "refs"Eric Wong1-1/+1
34 hourssearch: rename "ts:" prefix to "rt:"Eric Wong4-8/+8
34 hourslei q: reinstate smsg dedupeEric Wong2-5/+8
34 hourslei_dedupe+shared_kv: ensure round-tripping serializationEric Wong3-16/+38
34 hourslei: rely on localized $current_lei for warningsEric Wong2-9/+5
34 hourslei: reduce live FD references in wq childEric Wong1-3/+6