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2020-02-10public-inbox 1.3.0 v1.3.0
2020-02-08t/multi-mid: skip properly w/o DBD::SQLite
2020-02-08convert: preserve indexlevel on conversions
2020-02-08doc: more 1.3.0 release notes updates
2020-02-08doc: mark some TODO items as done
2020-02-08doc: update copyright for standards.perl
2020-02-07tests: switch to XML::TreePP for testing Atom feeds
2020-02-07syscall: support Linux x32 ABI
2020-02-06treewide: run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2020-02-06MANIFEST: add flow.{ge,txt}
2020-02-06doc: v1: add a reference to git-filter-repo(1), too
2020-02-06doc: txt2pre: auto-linkify manpage references
2020-02-06doc: remove .x/ subdirectory for Xapian manpages
2020-02-06doc: add data flow diagram using Graph::Easy
2020-02-06t/multi-mid: don't access ~/.public-inbox/config
2020-02-04doc: recommend -compact after --reindex
2020-02-04over: simplify read-only vs read-write checking
2020-02-04inbox: remove TODO item for msg_by_path
2020-02-04inbox: simplify ->description and ->cloneurl
2020-02-04www: serve $INBOX_DIR/description as $INBOX_URL/description
2020-02-04www: stricter regexp for 405 errors
2020-02-04doc: spellling fixes for manpages
2020-02-02spawn: actually die on (vfork|fork) failures
2020-02-02v2writable: more ways to detect online CPU count
2020-02-02doc: -convert: document switches
2020-02-02convert: fix --no-index switch
2020-02-02convert: shift @ARGV explicitly
2020-02-02searchidxshard: rely on autoflush instead of ->flush
2020-02-02convert: remove unused variables capturing :from
2020-02-02v2writable: do not clobber {shards} or {parallel} if unset
2020-02-02v2writable: nproc_shards: subtract 1 from given value
2020-02-02t/multi-mid.t: extra test for -convert highwater mark
2020-02-01doc: more 1.3.0 release notes updates
2020-02-01config: assume multiple cgit URLs, too
2020-02-01solver: join multiple URLs with "||"
2020-02-01wwwtext: give "url" examples in sample config
2020-02-01wwwtext: show multiple infourl values properly
2020-01-31convert: preserve highwater mark from v1 msgmap
2020-01-31mboxgz: ensure gzipped mboxes always have filenames
2020-01-31t/psgi_search: test for subject-free messages
2020-01-28v2writable: newest epochs go first in alternates
2020-01-28INSTALL: fix Linux::Inotify2 package name
2020-01-28t/v2reindex.t: 5.10.1 glob compatibility
2020-01-28t/hl_mod: document IO::Handle for autoflush
2020-01-28avoid relying on IO::Handle/IO::File autoload
2020-01-28daemon: provide TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT for Perl <5.14
2020-01-27viewdiff: rewrite and simplify
2020-01-27viewdiff: use autovivification for long_path hash
2020-01-27viewdiff: add "b=" param when missing "diff --git" line
2020-01-27viewdiff: add "b=" param with non-standard diff prefix