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* [ANNOUNCE] SoX 14.4.2rc1 Released
@ 2014-12-21 18:10 Chris Bagwell
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From: Chris Bagwell @ 2014-12-21 18:10 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: sox-users, sox-devel

The developers of SoX are happy to announce the release of SoX 14.4.2rc1.
Thanks to all who contributed to this release.

git tag: sox-14.4.2rc1

Chris Bagwell (14):
      Don't use symbol names read/write.
      Updated check for MINGW compile
      Use sox_i.h for ltdl.h inclusion.
      Use EXEEXT even for symlink files.
      Fix for max size text chunks in aiff files.
      fix lsx_filelength() prototype mismatach.
      Remove deprecated options in tests.
      Add reading support for RF64 WAV files.
      Work around for libsndfile size bug on RF64
      Fix warning about ignored cdecl.
      Switch to gcc's -fstack-protector
      Default to silent mode for automake
      osxbuild updates for OSX 10.9 and latest libraries
      Update stack-protect logic to work for cygwin

Doug Cook (9):
      Fix direct use of format->fp in 8svx, flac, sndfile, vorbis
      Fix mp3 format's direct use of format_t.fp
      Clean up additional uses of format_t.fp
      Remove use of private fp from oss format handler
      sunaudio.c - don't use private fd member of sox_format_t
      All audio devices use "default" as the default device name.
      Minor tweaks to Windows WaveAudio device
      WaveAudio - remove unnecessary members from priv_t
      Fix VS2008 build issues

Eric Wong (5):
      ladspa: free memory allocated for control ports
      ladspa: call cleanup function if given
      ladspa: support multi-channel plugins and chains
      ladspa: support M:N channel mapping in plugins
      ladspa: optionally perform latency compensation

Guido Aulisi (1):
      mcompand: fix bad clipping due to overflow of band summing.

John Stumpo (1):
      Add read-only Opus support using libopusfile.

Pascal Giard (15):
      Fixed typo.
      Sync'd with latest upload to Debian.
      See debian/changelog for all significant changes.
      Oops, arch goes AFTER version.
      Bumping to libsox3.
      Sync'd to latest Debian upload.
      Fixed spelling errors found by Debian's lintian tool.
      "make distclean" should not get rid of the files distributed in the tarball; text files are deleted with the maintainer-clean target.
      Sync' with latest Debian uploads plus few updates toward the next upload.
      ffmpeg is gone from the Debian packages.
      More Debian packaging changes, these are more interesting, some highlights:
      Oops, that last bit was not needed.
      Oops, that last bit was not needed.
      No need to substitute anything in sox.dirs.
      Fixed typo: Sytem -> System

Reuben Thomas (1):
      sox.1: fix a typo

Rob Sykes (40):
      minor refactoring to facilitate debug
      speed-ups for particular rational factors
      fix up tests in light of removal of deprecated options
      fix up after git mv failed to delete
      fix floating point precisions to take account of sign bit
      update test following demise of a while ago
      fix pipe file-type detection regression
      fix warnings
      fixes to bit-rot support files and cmake build files
      remove code for compatibility with old versions of sox; default to 1dB of head-room
      more rate speed-ups
      more rate speed-ups
      rate speed-ups: down-sample by 3/4, down-sample by > 4
      check that writable devices can actually be openned for writing, before selecting as the default device. Tested so far with pulseaudio fall-back to alsa; more testing required
      deemph now additionally works at 48k
      doc updates
      C++ not used, so don't fail if not available
      doc updates
      C++ not used, so don't fail if not available
      use full resolution that sample_t provides
      firfit: add support for --plot global option; detect error condition: knot freqs not increasing
      Downsampling speed-ups; comparative execution time examples:
      commit file accidentally missed out of previous commit
      fix passing of floating point args to lsx_fail
      prevent SIGFPE from inf * 10
      1) Restore multi-threaded FFT performance lost in 14.3.1.
      [3592482] Fix hang with rate effect & signal-length more than 2^31 samples.
      speed up small-factor downsampling; e.g. ~15% improvement for 48k->44100
      fix truncation due to integer division (found by Michael Niedermayer)
      improved pink noise freq. response
      fix size_t/uint64_t mismatch
      quash warning
      fix warnings
      add Dolph window for spectrogram effect
      fix warning on 64-bit arch.
      AIFF comments implementation now passes this test
      slight simplification
      minor change: use periodic window
      New libsox example6: give explicit output attributes
      prevent division by 0 when input signal is entirely non-negative, non-positive, or both

Ulrich Klauer (78):
      List deprecated features in 14.4.1 changelog
      Remove deprecated encoding options
      Simpler swap effect
      Increment library version
      Reorder effect and effects chain structure members
      Use size_t to count effects, flows, chains, files
      More detailed effects chain debugging output
      Update version number in cmake soxconfig.h
      Add parallel development version to changelog
      Avoid unnecessary (de)interleaving
      Mark unused parameters as such
      Fix mp3.c compiler warnings
      dft_filter: use 64-bit numbers to count samples
      dither: use 64-bit numbers to count samples
      dither: separate -a code from main logic
      dither: remove -t/-r options and scale parameter
      Undo "Fix VS2008 build issues"
      Provide a fallback for UINT64_MAX
      Require OpenMP >= 3.0
      Unify OpenMP and non-OpenMP code in effects.c
      Add OpenMP linker workaround for older libtools
      Use newer LT_INIT instead of AC_PROG_LIBTOOL
      Report again whether OpenMP is configured in
      Improve (de)interleave performance
      Update version numbers
      Allow sending spectrograms to stdout
      Seal a memory leak in do-nothing effects
      spectrogram: fix memory leak
      pad: fix a code comment
      delay: allow mixing time and sample-count args
      Improve lsx_parsesamples syntax checking
      spectrogram: allow sample counts for -d and -S
      Unify documentation for time specifications
      Extend time specification syntax
      Update Debian version numbers to 14.4.2
      Introduce an extended syntax for audio positions
      delay: use lsx_parseposition
      trim: use lsx_parseposition
      fade: use lsx_parseposition
      spectrogram -S: use lsx_parseposition
      Fix bug in lsx_parsesamples
      ladspa: Update documentation
      soxi: new option (-p) to display sample precision
      Update changelog
      repeat: support infinite repetition
      Update changelog
      Don't use removed options in examples
      Some cleanup of example scripts
      Simplify scripts/
      Fix length calculation for "repeat -"
      Replace removed options in stat output
      bend: use lsx_parseposition
      splice: use lsx_parseposition
      pad: use lsx_parseposition
      Apply new timespec syntax to documentation example
      Add pipe rewinding for IRIX
      Remove deprecated ffmpeg format handler
      Document soxi -p in man page
      tempo: calculate output length
      Complete renaming of debian/ replace obsolete AC_HELP_STRING
      Update INSTALL
      Add binaries with .exe extension to .gitignore
      Document limited Replay Gain tag support
      Use binary mode when writing spectrogram to stdout
      Add missing includes
      Enable writing WAV files with 64-bit floats
      Call AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR unconditionally
      Simplify configuration checks for math functions
      Remove deprecated mixer effect
      Remove remaining references to FFmpeg
      Add documentation for Opus support
      Only use -Wno-long-long on GCC
      Don't export (most) internal libsox symbols
      Link Windows build to wsock32.dll again Simplify version comparisons
      Fix signalinfo handling in example3.c
      Add missing comma in man page

MD5:  ff985c044dcbf268f96cc455525f72b3
SHA1: 24e6bc2837bcefe4769219d288ced971fb5c184d

MD5:  6e6fb51757e3833c9718554ee14754d9  sox-14.4.2rc1-win32.exe
SHA1: 3dfb8e253a76d7bae2823f024c646b7e79d6c91a  sox-14.4.2rc1-win32.exe

MD5:  86d86bb46dec3ce428db04abc8e7fb57
SHA1: 08c388ae086378dfe00ad7b8d794823bfe3b085d

MD5:  bfab58eb85367bab2bebb71fe3ccd9ec  sox-14.4.2rc1.tar.bz2
SHA1: e88b6d5869ceefacaf843189610aba657a46e6de  sox-14.4.2rc1.tar.bz2

MD5:  64d033e2705b125e8354d20f570c4d0a  sox-14.4.2rc1.tar.gz
SHA1: 9c4613058e29b95eb785beefde95133cc3a0af8b  sox-14.4.2rc1.tar.gz

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2014-12-21 18:10 [ANNOUNCE] SoX 14.4.2rc1 Released Chris Bagwell

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