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From: Joshua Ballanco <jballanc@gmail.com>
To: rack-devel@googlegroups.com
Subject: Re: Session collisions on rails 3.1rc4 (authlogic, omniauth, memcache store, passenger)
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2011 16:23:25 -0400	[thread overview]
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Have you considered the possibility that memcache might be recycling keys on you?

We had an issue a while back where we were using memcache for both fragment caching and session storage. Occasionally, we would get exceptions in retrieving a session, and looking at the error message it was clear that what was retrieved from memcache was a fragment and not a session. Unfortunately, we moved back to a cookie-based session store before we had a chance to look deeper into the issue. What I can say is that based on the key generation scheme we were using for sessions and cache keys, there was effectively 0 chance that we were duplicating keys. Instead, it seemed like memcache was re-using slots for different keys when we started exhausting free slots.

Hope that helps!

- Joshua Ballanco 

On Monday, July 25, 2011 at 2:22 PM, Neil wrote:

> While it's entirely possible that this issue is caused by some other
> factor, but we are getting session collisions as well as an issue
> where one user is getting another user's session. This is clearly
> bad, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how this could even
> happen in the first place. The code looks thread safe to me, and a
> quick discussion on #ruby-lang seems to support that.
> Thoughts:
> 1. Session IDs are being generated in the same sequence (uses
> securerandom -> openssl which does not have a static seed)
> 2. Threads. Looks good to me.
> 3. Maybe memcached is returning something other than "STORED/
> NOT_STORED" for @pool.add(sid, session), but the operation still
> succeeded?
> 4. Gnomes.
> Any input is GREATLY appreciated. Please don't say "it's an RC, what
> do you expect?" :)
> From https://github.com/rack/rack/blob/master/lib/rack/session/memcache.rb
>  def generate_sid
>  loop do
>  sid = super
>  break sid unless @pool.get(sid, true)
>  end
>  end
>  def get_session(env, sid)
>  with_lock(env, [nil, {}]) do
>  unless sid and session = @pool.get(sid)
>  sid, session = generate_sid, {}
>  unless /^STORED/ =~ @pool.add(sid, session)
>  raise "Session collision on '#{sid.inspect}'"
>  end
>  end
>  [sid, session]
>  end
>  end
>  def set_session(env, session_id, new_session, options)
>  expiry = options[:expire_after]
>  expiry = expiry.nil? ? 0 : expiry + 1
>  with_lock(env, false) do
>  @pool.set session_id, new_session, expiry
>  session_id
>  end
>  end

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