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2019-12-26httpd/async: get rid of ephemeral main_cb
2019-12-26qspawn: replace anonymous $end callbacks w/ event_step
2019-12-26httpd/async: support passing arg to callbacks
2019-09-14httpd/async: improve naming and comments
2019-09-09run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2019-06-29http: use bigger, but shorter-lived buffers for pipes
2019-06-29httpd/async: switch to buffering-as-fast-as-possible
2019-06-29ds: handle deferred DS->close after timers
2019-06-24ds: pass $self to code references
2019-06-24http: don't pass extra args to PublicInbox::DS::close
2019-06-24ds: favor `delete' over assigning fields to `undef'
2019-06-24http|nntp: favor "$! == EFOO" over $!{EFOO} checks
2019-06-24httpd/async: remove EINTR check
2019-06-24ds: get rid of event_watch field
2019-06-24ds: set event flags directly at initialization
2019-06-24ds: lazy-initialize wbuf
2019-06-24ds: get rid of {closed} field
2019-06-16ds: stop distinguishing event read and write callbacks
2019-06-10ds: do not distinguish between POLLHUP and POLLERR
2019-06-10ds: simplify write buffer accounting
2019-05-04bundle Danga::Socket and Sys::Syscall
2019-01-26solver: rewrite to use Qspawn->psgi_qx and pi-httpd.async
2019-01-22httpd/async: stop running command if client disconnects
2019-01-22qspawn|httpd/async: improve and fix out-of-date comments
2019-01-22httpd/async: remove needless sysread wrapper
2018-02-07update copyrights for 2018
2017-01-04httpd/async: remove weaken usage
2016-12-25httpd/async: improve variable naming
2016-07-09httpd/async: reinstate D::S timer usage for cleanup
2016-07-09httpd/async: do not attempt future writes on closed sockets
2016-06-18daemon: be less misleading about graceful shutdown
2016-05-30http: yield body->getline running time
2016-05-27httpd/async: do not needlessly weaken
2016-05-27httpd/async: prevent circular reference
2016-05-24standardize timer-related event-loop code
2016-05-23git-http-backend: refactor to support cleanup
2016-05-22http: rework async_pass support
2016-05-22http: async getline supports push_back_read
2016-05-21http: support async_pass for Danga::Socket
2016-04-30http: graceful shutdown for pi-httpd.async callers
2016-04-25split out NNTPD and HTTPD* modules