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1 files changed, 5 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/t/hval.t b/t/hval.t
index 38605c6f..e80a02ff 100644
--- a/t/hval.t
+++ b/t/hval.t
@@ -47,15 +47,17 @@ EOF
 is($html, $exp, 'only obfuscated relevant addresses');
-is('foo-bar', PublicInbox::Hval::to_filename('foo bar  '),
+is(PublicInbox::Hval::to_filename('foo bar  '), 'foo-bar',
         'to_filename has no trailing -');
-is('foo-bar', PublicInbox::Hval::to_filename("foo   bar\nanother line\n"),
+is(PublicInbox::Hval::to_filename("foo   bar\nanother line\n"), 'foo-bar',
         'to_filename has no repeated -, and nothing past LF');
-is('foo.bar', PublicInbox::Hval::to_filename("foo....bar"),
+is(PublicInbox::Hval::to_filename("foo....bar"), 'foo.bar',
         'to_filename squeezes -');
+is(PublicInbox::Hval::to_filename(''), undef, 'empty string returns undef');
 my $s = "\0\x07\n";
 is($s, "\\0\\a\n", 'src_escape works as intended');