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* Git Test Coverage Report (August 3, 2020)
@ 2020-08-03 14:50 Derrick Stolee
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From: Derrick Stolee @ 2020-08-03 14:50 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: Git List

Here is today's test coverage report.

Please ignore all of the strvec_push* lines, as those are routine refactors,
and the lack of coverage is due to the previous code being uncovered. This is
not an issue with Peff's commit.




seen	a4f4416e52c27b4f211311ee0b851e72179b5df4
jch	851d073fe0c0632d14b39ab8434af1d710ae908b
next	b10cc79966954619f1f5981f20a3a6476b5dd483
master	85b4e0a6dc8407de6f69808d9ee6debdf167ced3
master@{1}	bd42bbe1a46c0fe486fc33e82969275e27e4dc19

Uncovered code in 'seen' not in 'jch'

Commits introducing uncovered code:
Damien Robert	812a5889 remote.c: fix handling of %(push:remoteref)
812a5889 1638) return NULL;
812a5889 1645) return branch->refname;
812a5889 1660) return NULL;
812a5889 1774) return NULL;

Derrick Stolee	c74ad39b maintenance: add auto condition for commit-graph task
c74ad39b 734) oid = &peeled;
c74ad39b 736) return 0;
c74ad39b 740) return 0;
c74ad39b 742) return 0;
c74ad39b 761) result = 1;
c74ad39b 762) break;
c74ad39b 781) return 0;
c74ad39b 783) return 1;

Derrick Stolee	2bc0598a maintenance: add commit-graph task
2bc0598a 828) return 1;
2bc0598a 836) chain_path = get_commit_graph_chain_filename(r->objects->odb);
2bc0598a 837) if (unlink(chain_path)) {
2bc0598a 841) free(chain_path);
2bc0598a 843) if (!run_write_commit_graph())
2bc0598a 844) return 0;
2bc0598a 847) return 1;

Derrick Stolee	46b9d9a3 maintenance: add prefetch task
46b9d9a3 882) result = 1;
46b9d9a3 883) goto cleanup;

Derrick Stolee	b3a53c21 maintenance: create auto condition for loose-objects
b3a53c21 951) return 0;
b3a53c21 953) return 1;

Derrick Stolee	27d1a32d maintenance: add loose-objects task
27d1a32d 1005) return 1;
27d1a32d 1022) result = 1;

Derrick Stolee	642b98f6 maintenance: add incremental-repack auto condition
642b98f6 1042) return 0;
642b98f6 1048) return 0;
642b98f6 1050) return 1;

Derrick Stolee	bfe797a6 maintenance: add incremental-repack task
bfe797a6 1078) static int rewrite_multi_pack_index(void)
bfe797a6 1080) struct repository *r = the_repository;
bfe797a6 1081) char *midx_name = get_midx_filename(r->objects->odb->path);
bfe797a6 1083) unlink(midx_name);
bfe797a6 1084) free(midx_name);
bfe797a6 1086) return multi_pack_index_write();
bfe797a6 1101) return 1;
bfe797a6 1191) return 0;
bfe797a6 1195) return 1;
bfe797a6 1197) return rewrite_multi_pack_index();
bfe797a6 1199) return 1;
bfe797a6 1201) return !!rewrite_multi_pack_index();
bfe797a6 1203) return 1;
bfe797a6 1205) return !!rewrite_multi_pack_index();

Derrick Stolee	3814a14c maintenance: auto-size incremental-repack batch
3814a14c 1160) result_size = TWO_GIGABYTES;

Derrick Stolee	417ead9f maintenance: initialize task array
417ead9f 1318) result = 1;

Derrick Stolee	f22b2460 midx: use start_delayed_progress()
f22b2460 972) progress = start_delayed_progress(_("Writing chunks to multi-pack-index"),

Emily Shaffer	c1debc60 parse-options: parse into argv_array
c1debc60 212) if (unset) {
c1debc60 214) return 0;
c1debc60 217) if (!arg)
c1debc60 218) return -1;
c1debc60 221) return 0;

Emily Shaffer	fe6127f2 hook: add list command
fe6127f2 44) printf(_("no commands configured for hook '%s'\n"),
fe6127f2 46) return 0;

fe6127f2 85) return NULL;

Emily Shaffer	c45caa8c hook: add 'run' subcommand
c45caa8c 85) usage_msg_opt(_("a hookname must be provided to operate on."),

c45caa8c 95) emplace_hook(&hook_head, legacy_hook_path);

Junio C Hamano	328d5528 Merge branch 'es/config-hooks' into seen
328d5528 208) int parse_opt_strvec(const struct option *opt, const char *arg, int unset)
328d5528 210) struct strvec *v = opt->value;
328d5528 213) strvec_clear(v);
328d5528 220) strvec_push(v, arg);

Junio C Hamano	5b26a7ec SQUASH???
5b26a7ec 258) int v = git_parse_maybe_bool(value_);
5b26a7ec 259) if (v < 0)
5b26a7ec 262) strbuf_addstr(buf, v ? "true" : "false");
5b26a7ec 425) int v = git_parse_maybe_bool(value);
5b26a7ec 426) if (v < 0)

Lin Sun	6571d827 Support auto-merge for meld to follow the vim-diff behavior
6571d827 99) new_type = TYPE_BOOL_OR_STR;
6571d827 260) strbuf_addstr(buf, value_);
6571d827 427) return xstrdup(value);
6571d827 429) return xstrdup(v ? "true" : "false");

Matheus Tavares	e26e8bfc grep: honor sparse checkout patterns
e26e8bfc 579) if (file_exists(sparse_file)) {
e26e8bfc 583) free(sparse_file);
e26e8bfc 584) free(patterns);
e26e8bfc 585) return NULL;

Matheus Tavares	a2371e32 t/helper/test-config: facilitate addition of new cli options
a2371e32 103) goto print_usage_error;
a2371e32 160) printf("Value not found for \"%s\"\n", argv[1]);
a2371e32 167) printf("Value not found for \"%s\"\n", argv[1]);
a2371e32 175) printf("Value not found for \"%s\"\n", argv[1]);
a2371e32 205) printf("Value not found for \"%s\"\n", argv[1]);
a2371e32 232) printf("Value not found for \"%s\"\n", argv[1]);

Matheus Tavares	92bca22f config: correctly read worktree configs in submodules
92bca22f 109) goto print_usage_error;
92bca22f 114) fprintf(stderr, "Cannot use --submodule with read_early_config\n");
92bca22f 115) return TC_USAGE_ERROR;
92bca22f 130) fprintf(stderr, "Invalid argument to --submodule: '%s'\n",
92bca22f 132) free(subrepo);
92bca22f 133) ret = TC_USAGE_ERROR;
92bca22f 134) goto out;
92bca22f 187) fprintf(stderr, "Cannot use --submodule with configset_get_value\n");
92bca22f 188) ret = TC_USAGE_ERROR;
92bca22f 189) goto out;
92bca22f 210) fprintf(stderr, "Cannot use --submodule with configset_get_value_multi\n");
92bca22f 211) ret = TC_USAGE_ERROR;
92bca22f 212) goto out;
92bca22f 239) fprintf(stderr, "Invalid syntax. Usage: test-tool config"

Matheus Tavares	b77651be t/helper/test-config: return exit codes consistently
b77651be 161) ret = TC_VALUE_NOT_FOUND;
b77651be 168) ret = TC_VALUE_NOT_FOUND;
b77651be 176) ret = TC_VALUE_NOT_FOUND;
b77651be 206) ret = TC_VALUE_NOT_FOUND;
b77651be 218) ret = TC_CONFIG_FILE_ERROR;
b77651be 219) goto out;
b77651be 233) ret = TC_VALUE_NOT_FOUND;
b77651be 241) ret = TC_USAGE_ERROR;

Taylor Blau	f7a39a87 upload-pack.c: introduce 'uploadpackfilter.tree.maxDepth'
f7a39a87 1256) strbuf_release(&buf);
f7a39a87 1257) return config_error_nonbool(var);

Taylor Blau	850afedc list_objects_filter_options: introduce 'list_object_filter_config_name'
850afedc 23) break;
850afedc 36) break;

Uncovered code in 'jch' not in 'next'

Commits introducing uncovered code:
Aaron Lipman	0188ee9f bisect: introduce first-parent flag
0188ee9f 457) first_parent_only = 1;

Jeff King	22f9b7f3 strvec: convert builtin/ callers away from argv_array name
22f9b7f3 1679) strvec_push(&cp.args, am_path(state, "patch"));

22f9b7f3 176) strvec_clear(&argv);

22f9b7f3 89) strvec_push(&pack_opts, "--progress");
22f9b7f3 91) strvec_push(&pack_opts, "--all-progress");
22f9b7f3 93) strvec_push(&pack_opts, "--all-progress-implied");

22f9b7f3 832) strvec_push(&args, "--progress");

22f9b7f3 604) strvec_push(&args, "--always");

22f9b7f3 1529) strvec_push(argv, "-v");

22f9b7f3 579) strvec_push(&repack, "-f");
22f9b7f3 581) strvec_pushf(&repack, "--depth=%d", aggressive_depth);
22f9b7f3 583) strvec_pushf(&repack, "--window=%d", aggressive_window);

22f9b7f3 535) strvec_push(&args, opt_progress);
22f9b7f3 541) strvec_push(&args, opt_append);
22f9b7f3 543) strvec_push(&args, opt_upload_pack);
22f9b7f3 548) strvec_push(&args, opt_prune);
22f9b7f3 558) strvec_push(&args, "--recurse-submodules=on-demand");
22f9b7f3 564) strvec_push(&args, max_children);
22f9b7f3 568) strvec_push(&args, opt_keep);
22f9b7f3 572) strvec_push(&args, opt_unshallow);
22f9b7f3 574) strvec_push(&args, opt_update_shallow);
22f9b7f3 576) strvec_push(&args, opt_refmap);
22f9b7f3 578) strvec_push(&args, opt_ipv4);
22f9b7f3 580) strvec_push(&args, opt_ipv6);
22f9b7f3 582) strvec_push(&args, "--show-forced-updates");
22f9b7f3 584) strvec_push(&args, "--no-show-forced-updates");
22f9b7f3 673) strvec_push(&args, opt_progress);
22f9b7f3 677) strvec_push(&args, opt_diffstat);
22f9b7f3 683) strvec_push(&args, opt_squash);
22f9b7f3 685) strvec_push(&args, opt_commit);
22f9b7f3 687) strvec_push(&args, opt_edit);
22f9b7f3 689) strvec_pushf(&args, "--cleanup=%s", cleanup_arg);
22f9b7f3 697) strvec_push(&args, opt_gpg_sign);
22f9b7f3 878) strvec_push(&args, "--rebase-merges");
22f9b7f3 884) strvec_push(&args, opt_diffstat);
22f9b7f3 888) strvec_push(&args, opt_gpg_sign);
22f9b7f3 890) strvec_push(&args, "--no-autostash");

22f9b7f3 826) strvec_push(&am.args, opts->gpg_sign_opt);
22f9b7f3 861) strvec_clear(&am.args);
22f9b7f3 872) strvec_split(&format_patch.args,
22f9b7f3 883) strvec_clear(&am.args);
22f9b7f3 905) strvec_clear(&am.args);
22f9b7f3 914) strvec_push(&am.args, "--rerere-autoupdate");
22f9b7f3 916) strvec_push(&am.args, "--no-rerere-autoupdate");
22f9b7f3 918) strvec_push(&am.args, opts->gpg_sign_opt);

22f9b7f3 686) strvec_pushf(&proc->env_array,
22f9b7f3 729) strvec_pushf(&proc.env_array, "GIT_PUSH_OPTION_COUNT");
22f9b7f3 1795) strvec_push(&child.args, "--show-resolving-progress");

22f9b7f3 1466) strvec_push(&fetch_argv, "-v");

22f9b7f3 158) strvec_pushf(&cmd->args, "--window=%s", args->window);
22f9b7f3 160) strvec_pushf(&cmd->args, "--window-memory=%s", args->window_memory);
22f9b7f3 162) strvec_pushf(&cmd->args, "--depth=%s", args->depth);
22f9b7f3 164) strvec_pushf(&cmd->args, "--threads=%s", args->threads);
22f9b7f3 166) strvec_pushf(&cmd->args, "--max-pack-size=%s", args->max_pack_size);
22f9b7f3 170) strvec_pushf(&cmd->args, "--no-reuse-object");

22f9b7f3 234) strvec_push(&cmd.args, type_name(type));

22f9b7f3 861) strvec_push(&cpr.args, "--quiet");
22f9b7f3 1030) strvec_push(&cpr.args, "--quiet");
22f9b7f3 1723) strvec_push(&child->args, "--progress");
22f9b7f3 1727) strvec_pushl(&child->args, "--prefix", suc->prefix, NULL);

22f9b7f3 626) strvec_push(&cp.args, "--quiet");

Jeff King	ef8d7ac4 strvec: convert more callers away from argv_array name
ef8d7ac4 372) strvec_pushf(argv, "--width=%d", opts->width);
ef8d7ac4 374) strvec_pushf(argv, "--indent=%s", opts->indent);

ef8d7ac4 276) strvec_pushl(&cp.args, "infocmp", "-L", "-1", NULL);

ef8d7ac4 1236) strvec_push(args, "-6");

ef8d7ac4 490) static int upload_archive(const struct strvec *env)
ef8d7ac4 493) strvec_push(&cld.args, "upload-archive");
ef8d7ac4 803) strvec_clear(&env);
ef8d7ac4 924) strvec_pushf(&cld.env_array, "REMOTE_ADDR=[%s]", buf);
ef8d7ac4 925) strvec_pushf(&cld.env_array, "REMOTE_PORT=%d",

ef8d7ac4 342) strvec_clear(&nargv);

Jeff King	d70a9eb6 strvec: rename struct fields
d70a9eb6 495) strvec_pushv(&cld.env_array, env->v);

d70a9eb6 852) execve(argv.v[0], (char *const *) argv.v,

d70a9eb6 251) arg_offset =;
d70a9eb6 278) cp.argv = args.v;
d70a9eb6 284) const char *arg = args.v[j + arg_offset];
d70a9eb6 301) (int)j, args.v[j + arg_offset]);

Jeff King	fe4a0a28 argv-array: add pop function
fe4a0a28 63) return;

Jeff King	b992657e argv-array: add detach function
b992657e 103) return xcalloc(1, sizeof(const char *));

Jeff King	f6d8942b strvec: fix indentation in renamed calls
f6d8942b 873)      opts->git_format_patch_opt.buf);

f6d8942b 926)      ntohs(sin6_addr->sin6_port));

Jeff King	c972bf4c strvec: convert remaining callers away from argv_array name
c972bf4c 1421) strvec_push(&cmd.args, "--delta-islands");

c972bf4c 71) static void setup_pager_env(struct strvec *env)
c972bf4c 91) strvec_push(env, argv[i]);
c972bf4c 100) strvec_push(&pager_process->args, pager);
c972bf4c 129) strvec_push(&pager_process.env_array, "GIT_PAGER_IN_USE");

c972bf4c 1158) strvec_pushl(&args, "-v", "-v", NULL);
c972bf4c 1164) strvec_push(&args, "--update-shallow");
c972bf4c 1277) strvec_push(&child.args, "--dry-run");
c972bf4c 1305) strvec_push(&args, "--dry-run");
c972bf4c 1309) strvec_push(&args, "--signed=if-asked");
c972bf4c 1313) strvec_push(&args, "--quiet");

c972bf4c 3666) strvec_push(&cmd.args, opts->gpg_sign);

c972bf4c 689) strvec_pushf(&cp.args, "--src-prefix=%s%s/",
c972bf4c 691) strvec_pushf(&cp.args, "--dst-prefix=%s%s/",
c972bf4c 1786) strvec_push(&cp.args, "-uno");
c972bf4c 1791) strvec_push(&cp.args, "--ignored");

c972bf4c 75) strvec_pushl(&cp->args, "sh", test, NULL);
c972bf4c 77) strvec_push(&cp->args, "--quiet");
c972bf4c 79) strvec_push(&cp->args, "-i");
c972bf4c 81) strvec_push(&cp->args, "-v");
c972bf4c 83) strvec_push(&cp->args, "-V");
c972bf4c 85) strvec_push(&cp->args, "-x");
c972bf4c 87) strvec_push(&cp->args, "--write-junit-xml");
c972bf4c 223) struct strvec args = STRVEC_INIT;
c972bf4c 244) strvec_clear(&args);
c972bf4c 246) strvec_pushl(&args, "sh", "-c",
c972bf4c 249) strvec_pushl(&args, "test-tool", "run-command",
c972bf4c 257) strvec_push(&args, argv[j]);
c972bf4c 271) strvec_push(&args, buf);
c972bf4c 304) strvec_clear(&args);
c972bf4c 314) strvec_clear(&args);
c972bf4c 341) strvec_pushl(&cp.args,

c972bf4c 102) strvec_pushf(env, "%s=%s%c%s", key, old, PATH_SEP, val);

c972bf4c 301) strvec_pushf(&pack_objects.args, "--filter=%s", buf.buf);

Johannes Schindelin	c5aa6db6 argv_array: offer to split a string by whitespace
c5aa6db6 72) to_split++;

Junio C Hamano	a8ba57e4 Merge branch 'bc/sha-256-part-3' into jch
a8ba57e4 22) strvec_push(argv, "--verify-stat-only");

a8ba57e4 497) return config_error_nonbool(var);

Michael Forney	ea3f7e59 revision: use repository from rev_info when parsing commits
ea3f7e59 1062) if (repo_parse_commit(revs->repo, p) < 0)

Phillip Wood	b61f854f rebase -i: support --ignore-date
b61f854f 893) return NULL;
b61f854f 1477) res = -1;
b61f854f 1478) goto out;

Phillip Wood	fce7916a rebase -i: support --committer-date-is-author-date
fce7916a 1395) goto out;
fce7916a 1399) goto out;

René Scharfe	0aa49583 upload-pack: use buffered I/O to talk to rev-list
0aa49583 642) goto error;

René Scharfe	e2aa486c midx: use buffered I/O to talk to pack-objects
e2aa486c 1453) error_errno(_("could not close stdin of pack-objects"));
e2aa486c 1454) result = 1;
e2aa486c 1455) finish_command(&cmd);
e2aa486c 1456) goto cleanup;

Uncovered code in 'next' not in 'master'

Commits introducing uncovered code:

Uncovered code in 'master' not in 'master@{1}'

Commits introducing uncovered code:
brian m. carlson	cd85b447 remote-curl: make --force-with-lease work with non-ASCII ref names
cd85b447 128) return -1;

Jeff King	ec91ffca verify_repository_format(): complain about new extensions in v0 repo
ec91ffca 472) return config_error_nonbool(var);
ec91ffca 508) return -1;
ec91ffca 517) return -1;

Junio C Hamano	6e6029a8 fmt-merge-msg: allow merge destination to be omitted again
6e6029a8 29) return config_error_nonbool(key);

SZEDER Gábor	17e6275f commit-graph: simplify chunk writes into loop
17e6275f 1766) return -1;

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