Relevant standards for public-inbox users and hackers

Non-exhaustive list of standards public-inbox software attempts or
intends to implement.  This list is intended to be a quick reference
for hackers and users.

Given the goals of interoperability and accessibility; strict
conformance to standards is not always possible, but rather
best-effort taking into account real-world cases.  In particular,
"obsolete" standards remain relevant as long as clients and
data exists.


rfc3977	- NNTP

rfc977	- NNTP (old)

rfc1036	- Standard for Interchange of USENET Messages

rfc5536	- Netnews Article Format

rfc5537	- Netnews Architecture and Protocols

rfc1738	- Uniform resource locators

rfc5092	- IMAP URL scheme

rfc5538	- NNTP URI schemes

rfc6048	- NNTP additions to LIST command (TODO)

rfc8054	- NNTP compression

rfc4642	- NNTP TLS

rfc8143	- NNTP TLS

rfc2980	- NNTP extensions (obsolete, but NOT irrelevant)

rfc4287	- Atom syndication

rfc4685	- Atom threading extensions

rfc2919	- List-Id mail header

rfc5064	- Archived-At mail header

rfc3986	- URI escaping

rfc1521	- MIME extensions

rfc2616	- HTTP/1.1 (newer updates should apply, too)

rfc7230	- HTTP/1.1 message syntax and routing

rfc7231	- HTTP/1.1 semantics and content

rfc822	- Internet message format (1982)

rfc2822	- Internet message format (2001)

rfc5322	- Internet message format (2008)

rfc3501	- IMAP4rev1

rfc2177	- IMAP IDLE

rfc2683	- IMAP4 Implementation Recommendations

rfc4978	- IMAP COMPRESS Extension

rfc2369	- URLs as Meta-Syntax for Core Mail List Commands

rfc8058	- Signaling One-Click Functionality for List Email Headers

rfc1081	- Post Office Protocol – Version 3

rfc1939	- Post Office Protocol – Version 3 (STD 53)

rfc2449	- POP3 extension mechanism

rfc2595	- STARTTLS for IMAP and POP3

rfc2384	- POP URL Scheme

Other relevant documentation

* IMAP capabilities registry and response codes:

* Documentation/technical/http-protocol.txt in git source code:

* Various mbox formats (we currently emit and parse mboxrd)

* PSGI/Plack specifications (as long as our web frontend uses Perl5)
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