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From: Jeff Learman <>
Subject: Re: Process too soft/loud audio with sox
Date: Fri, 22 May 2020 09:16:55 -0400
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Yes, it can.  What you're looking for is called dynamic range compression.
That's done using the "compand" effect (which does either compression or
its inverse, expansion.)

First, though, I suggest you not make the loud parts quieter (unless your
source material is 32-bit float and the levels go over 0dBFS.  If you have
no idea what that means, then it's unlikely you have 32-bit float
material.)  So, configure the compand effect to make the material sound
good when you have your speaker volume set so the loudest parts are how you
like them, and make the softer parts louder.  Once that is done, if it's
still too loud for the rest of your music library, you can just reduce the
volume throughout that file.  So, two steps: 1) compress, 2) level-set to
match your playlist.

I haven't used the SoX compand processor and don't know the best settings
for your purpose.  However, this is from the Sox manual:
> The following example might be used to make a piece of music with both
quiet and loud passages suitable for listening to in a noisy environment
such as a moving vehicle:

   sox asz.wav asz-car.wav compand 0.3,1 6:−70,−60,−20 −5 −90 0.2

So that should be worth a try to start with!  See ad search for "compand" for more info.

On Fri, 22 May 2020 at 08:00, Francesco Ariis <> wrote:

> Hello sox-users,
>     I have an audio file which is at times too soft and at times too
> loud. I would like to make the soft parts a little bit louder and the
> loud parts a little bit softer.
> Can sox do this?
> -F
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