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From: Jeff Learman <>
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 12 May 2020 16:45:23 -0400
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Thanks, that would be perfect!  Also, a flag to print skipped tags, if
there isn't one already.

Please forgive the late reply.  I'd just signed up and you replied so
fast the exploder didn't know me yet!


Måns Rullgård writes:
> Jeff Learman <jjlearman@...>  writes:
>> I noticed that when converting stereo sample files to mono, the 'smpl'
>> chunks (which encode loop information used by sample players), SoX omits
>> the 'smpl' chunk in the output file.
>> For example,
>> sox input.wav -c 1 output.wav
>> sums a stereo input.wav to a mono output.wav. However, the 'smpl' chunk in
>> input.wav is discarded.
>> I have a workaround; I wrote code to extract the smpl chunk and append it
>> to the output. But it would be nice if 'smpl' chunks were supported by
>> default, at least for the easy cases. (I realize it could be difficult or
>> impossible for many cases.)
>> What's the best way to file a bug report?
> The smpl chunk isn't part of the official WAV format, so SoX ignores it.
> It's the only reasonable thing to do with unknown chunks. Copying the macross
> to the output is risky since we can't know that the processing didn't
> invalidate them. For example, a chunk referencing specific samples is (likely)
> still relevant after downmixing stereo to mono, whereas resampling to a higher
> or lower rate will obviously make it useless.
> The best we can reasonably do
> is add a flag to specify extra chunks topreserve if found in the input. Would
> that be helpful in your case?
> -- Måns Rullgård

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