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2018-01-16hval: only allow domain obfuscation in address
2017-10-04mbox: support inline filename via Content-Disposition header
2017-06-29hval: only perform one substitution when obfuscating
2017-06-26tests: deal with the removal of '.' from @INC in newer Perl
2017-06-26watch: improve fairness during full rescans
2017-06-26mda: set List-ID correctly according to RFC2919
2017-06-23linkify: handle URLs in parenthesized statements
2017-06-23allow admins to configure non-obfuscated addresses/domains
2017-06-23config: assume lists have multiple addresses
2017-06-23reply: handle address obfuscation :<
2017-06-22test for PublicInbox::Filter::RubyLang
2017-06-22msgmap: mid_insert ignores duplicates instead of die-ing
2017-06-15replyto parameter support
2017-06-15view: split out reply logic into its own module
2017-06-14search: remove unnecessary abstractions and functionality
2017-05-23www: do not mangle characters from search queries
2017-05-07searchidx: fix ghost root vivification
2017-03-14view: escape HTML description name
2017-02-14www: do not unescape PATH_INFO twice
2017-02-12t/mime: quiet warnings for old versions of Email::Simple
2017-01-26add filter for Subject: tags
2017-01-18mime: avoid SUPER usage in Email::MIME subclass
2017-01-10introduce PublicInbox::MIME wrapper class
2017-01-07search: remove subject_summary
2017-01-07config: allow per-inbox nntpserver
2017-01-07inbox: eliminate weaken usage entirely
2017-01-07config: always use namespaced "publicinboxlimiter"
2016-12-21searchthread: simplify API and remove needless OO
2016-12-20searchmsg: remove ensure_metadata
2016-12-20tests: add thread-all testing for benchmarking
2016-12-17t/config.t: fix feedmax default
2016-12-17feed: support publicinbox.<name>.feedmax
2016-12-14t/thread-cycle: no need for Xapian to run this test
2016-12-13nntp: add test case for the "DATE" command
2016-12-12init: preserve permissions of existing config file
2016-12-10thread: last Reference always wins
2016-12-06linkify: implement Markdown link compatibility (again)
2016-12-06Revert "linkify: implement Markdown link compatibility"
2016-12-06linkify: implement Markdown link compatibility
2016-12-03atom: switch to getline/close for response bodies
2016-11-26avoid IO::File for anonymous temporary files
2016-10-05t/thread-cycle: test self-referential messages
2016-10-05thread: use hash + array instead of hand-rolled linked list
2016-10-05thread: remove Email::Abstract wrapping
2016-10-05thread: remove Mail::Thread dependency
2016-09-09t/httpd-unix: warn about connection failure
2016-09-09search: index attachment filenames
2016-09-09search: more granular message body searching
2016-09-09search: drop longer subject: prefix for search
2016-09-09search: allow searching user fields (To/Cc/From)