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2016-05-30git-http-backend: remove dependency on Plack::Request
2016-05-29nntp: fix for missing articles/bodies/heads
2016-05-28remove redundant NewsGroup class
2016-05-28t/plack: ensure we can cascade on common endpoints
2016-05-27config: fix NewsWWW fallback for newsgroups in HTTP URLs
2016-05-25remove Email::Address dependency
2016-05-24git-http-backend: use qspawn to limit running processes
2016-05-23http: chunk in the server, not middleware
2016-05-23t/config.t: remove GIT_DIR usage in test
2016-05-22t/spawn.t: additional tests for popen_rd
2016-05-21localize $/ in more places to avoid potential problems
2016-05-19www: tighten up allowable filenames for attachments
2016-05-19www: validate and check filenames in URLs
2016-05-19msg_iter: workaround broken Email::MIME versions
2016-05-19switch read-only uses of walk_parts to msg_iter
2016-05-19msg_iter: new internal API for iterating through MIME
2016-05-18nntpd: reject control characters entirely
2016-05-18tests: add check-www-inbox script
2016-05-16www: fix for running under mount paths
2016-05-16declare Inbox object for reusability
2016-05-14rename most instances of "list" to "inbox"
2016-05-14t/nntpd: test for wide characters and UTF-8 mangling
2016-05-14t/nntpd: avoid fork+exec for search indexing
2016-05-05t/view: note possibly invalid test...
2016-05-03git-http-backend: reduce memory use for clone/fetch
2016-05-02t/*.t: reduce -mda calls
2016-05-02t/nntpd.t: stop hard coding message :bytes into test
2016-05-02nntp: append Archived-At and List-Archive headers
2016-04-30daemon: graceful shutdown warning and limit removal
2016-04-30searchmsg: ensure long subject lines are not broken
2016-04-29http: avoid corking on "Content-Length: 0" response
2016-04-28githttpbackend: clamp to one smart HTTP request at-a-time
2016-04-28githttpbackend: fall back to dumb if smart HTTP is off
2016-04-27import: document API for public consumption
2016-04-25t/feed.t: run properly without ssoma installed
2016-04-25remove GIT_DIR env usage in favor of --git-dir
2016-04-25remove ssoma dependency
2016-04-15www: redirect /$MESSAGE_ID/f/ endpoints
2016-04-14view: drop vestigial elements of quote folding
2016-04-13www: stop generating /$MESSAGE_ID/f/ links
2016-04-11import: initial module + test case
2016-04-11git: add support for qx wrapper
2016-04-09filter: preserve Mail-Followup-To and Mail-Reply-To
2016-03-12http: use Plack::HTTPParser for HTTP parsing
2016-03-06http: reject excessively large HTTP request bodies
2016-03-06http: reject excessive headers
2016-03-05daemon: sockname detects listeners correctly
2016-03-05daemon: document optional Net::Server dependency
2016-03-05t/httpd-corner: avoid clobbering existing FDs after fork
2016-03-05t/httpd-corner: additional callback test