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2019-01-02t/feed.t: remove ssoma use
2019-01-02t/v2reindex: use the larger text to increase test reliability
2018-12-30handle "multipart/mixed" messages which are not multipart
2018-12-29t/git.t: reorder IPC::Run check
2018-12-29t/cgi.t: shorten %ENV setting
2018-12-29tests: consolidate process spawning code.
2018-12-28init: allow --skip of old epochs for -V2 repos
2018-12-28reply: allow ":none=$REASON" in "replyto" config
2018-12-27t/git-http-backend.t: remove TEST_CHUNK env setting
2018-12-27t/perf-nntpd.t: update for RFC 5536 sec 3.2.14 compliance
2018-12-27init: do not set publicinbox.$NAME.indexlevel by default
2018-12-06nntp: prevent event_read from firing twice in a row
2018-10-16Add Xrefs to over/xover lines
2018-10-16Put the NNTP server name into Xref lines
2018-08-05overidx: preserve `tid' column on re-indexing
2018-08-03t/v[12]reindex.t: Verify the num highwater is as expected
2018-08-03t/v[12]reindex.t Verify num_highwater
2018-08-02t/v[12]reindex.t: Test incremental indexing works
2018-08-02t/v[12]reindex.t: Test that the resulting msgmap is as expected
2018-08-02t/v[12]reindex.t: Place expected second in Xapian tests
2018-08-02t/v2reindex.t: Isolate the test cases more
2018-08-02t/v1reindex.t: Isolate the test cases
2018-07-29mda: allow configuring globally without spamc support
2018-07-29mda: v2: ensure message bodies are indexed
2018-07-29t/v2mda: make it easy to test v1 repos here, too
2018-07-20v1: allow upgrading indexlevel=basic to 'medium' or 'full'
2018-07-19tests: fixup indexlevel setting in tests
2018-07-19SearchIdx: Allow the amount of indexing be configured
2018-07-18t/v2reindex.t: Swap the order of minmax tests so errors make sense
2018-07-18t/v2reindex.t: Don't reuse $ibx as two different kinds of variable
2018-07-18t/search.t t/v2writable.t: Teach search tests to fail more cleanly.
2018-07-18t/v2reindex.t: Ensure the numbers 1 to 10 are used
2018-07-18SearchIdx: Decrement regen_down even for added messages that are later deleted.
2018-07-15v2writable: unindex deleted messages after incremental fetch
2018-07-07Import: Don't copy nulls from emails into git
2018-07-06MsgTime.pm: Use strptime to compute the time zone
2018-07-04v2: fill alternates with old epochs on init from mirrors
2018-06-26additional tests for bad Message-IDs in URLs
2018-06-26www: use undecoded paths for Message-ID extraction
2018-05-30respect umask if core.sharedRepository is not set
2018-05-24workaround Xapian OFD locks w/o close-on-exec
2018-05-11t/search: quiet warning from Encode.pm
2018-05-11t/v2mda: setup emergency Maildir for test
2018-05-11convert+compact: fix when running without ~/.public-inbox/config
2018-05-11content_id: workaround quote handling change in Email::* modules
2018-04-25thread: sort incoming messages by Date
2018-04-25thread: prevent hidden threads in /$INBOX/ landing page
2018-04-23view: wrap To: and Cc: headers in HTML display
2018-04-22extmsg: use Xapian only for partial matches
2018-04-20disallow "\t" and "\n" in OVER headers