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2015-09-15msgmap: add message mapping via SQLite
2015-09-06update copyright headers and email addresses
2015-09-03feed: use application/atom+xml for Content-Type
2015-09-03ExtMsg: 300 to external mailing list archives
2015-09-03search: disable Message-ID compression in Xapian
2015-09-01completely revamp URL structure to shorten permalinks
2015-09-01www: root atom feed is "new.atom" and not "atom.xml"
2015-09-01implement per-thread Atom feeds
2015-08-30search: do not index references and inreplyto terms
2015-08-27implement legacy redirects for old URLs
2015-08-27wire up to display non-suffixed Message-ID links
2015-08-27wire up shorter, less ambiguous URLs
2015-08-25search: implement subject summarization
2015-08-25mid: mid_compressed => mid_compress
2015-08-24view: refactor $state as a hash
2015-08-23search: respect core.sharedRepository in for Xapian DB
2015-08-22search: split search indexing to a separate file
2015-08-22remove XML::Atom::SimpleFeed dependency
2015-08-22stream HTML views as much as possible
2015-08-21search: s/count/total/ for results
2015-08-21switch to gzipped mboxes
2015-08-21support dumping thread as an mbox
2015-08-20view: avoid nesting <a> tags from auto-linkification
2015-08-18search: avoid creating ghosts for circular References
2015-08-17search: simplify indexing operation
2015-08-17mid: compress Message-IDs with '%' in them
2015-08-17drop bodies and messages ASAP after processing
2015-08-17terminology: replies => followups
2015-08-17skip search test if search support is missing
2015-08-16implement /s/$SUBJECT_PATH.html lookups
2015-08-15search: make search results more OO
2015-08-13initial search backend implementation
2015-08-12view: consistent ordering of Cc: addresses
2015-07-14reject HTML loudly and automatically
2015-07-06view: reduce empty <a>, use "id" instead of "name" attributes
2014-11-13-learn: nuke HTML portions when training as ham
2014-09-22public-inbox-init: manages the config files
2014-09-15filter: ensure CRs do not show up in lynx conversions
2014-09-13line-wrap generated HTML source around attrs for readability
2014-08-28view: increase MAX_INLINE_QUOTED threshold to 12
2014-08-04t/view: ensure HTML shows QP text
2014-08-04filter: preserve QP when collapsing multipart
2014-06-28t/html_index.t: fix warnings in test case
2014-05-02view: API cleanup, remove "as_" prefix
2014-05-01split out WWW package and CGI/PSGI-specific parts
2014-04-28mda: support aliased addresses
2014-04-27Feed: <id> element must be a URI, oops :x
2014-04-26huge refactor of encoding handling
2014-04-23t/feed: cleanup test and add test for /f/ link
2014-04-23feed: add tests for <id> element setting