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2020-01-27tests: move the majority of t/view.t into t/plack.t
2020-01-11make Plack optional for non-WWW and non-httpd users
2019-12-19t/*.t: avoid sharing "my" variables in subs
2019-09-09run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2019-06-14rename reference to git epochs as "partitions"
2019-05-15www: use Inbox->over where appropriate
2019-01-20www: admin-configurable CSS via "publicinbox.css"
2018-04-23view: wrap To: and Cc: headers in HTML display
2018-03-27www: support cloning individual v2 git partitions
2018-02-07update copyrights for 2018
2017-06-15replyto parameter support
2017-06-15view: split out reply logic into its own module
2017-03-14view: escape HTML description name
2016-08-12www: allow including links to NNTP sites in HTML footer
2016-07-02inbox: base_url method takes PSGI env hashref instead
2016-06-30www_stream: add response wrapper sub
2016-06-25view: safer and optional quoting for --in-reply-to arg
2016-06-18view: introduce WwwStream interface
2016-06-13view: msg_html uses getline body to reduce latency
2016-06-05view: inline message reply into message view
2016-05-19switch read-only uses of walk_parts to msg_iter
2016-05-05t/view: note possibly invalid test...
2016-04-15www: redirect /$MESSAGE_ID/f/ endpoints
2016-04-14view: drop vestigial elements of quote folding
2016-04-13www: stop generating /$MESSAGE_ID/f/ links
2015-10-02rename mid_compress to id_compress
2015-09-06update copyright headers and email addresses
2015-09-01completely revamp URL structure to shorten permalinks
2015-08-27wire up to display non-suffixed Message-ID links
2015-08-25mid: mid_compressed => mid_compress
2015-08-24view: refactor $state as a hash
2015-08-20view: avoid nesting <a> tags from auto-linkification
2015-08-17mid: compress Message-IDs with '%' in them
2015-08-17drop bodies and messages ASAP after processing
2015-07-06view: reduce empty <a>, use "id" instead of "name" attributes
2014-09-13line-wrap generated HTML source around attrs for readability
2014-08-28view: increase MAX_INLINE_QUOTED threshold to 12
2014-08-04t/view: ensure HTML shows QP text
2014-05-02view: API cleanup, remove "as_" prefix
2014-04-22view: fix link to raw message from /f/ endpoint
2014-04-17view: inline shorter quotes
2014-04-15HTML: ensure hrefs are quoted properly
2014-04-11cgi: update feed/view and tests for shorter URLs
2014-04-05view: implement quote folding and flesh out tests
2014-04-05view: update IRP and MID links
2014-02-25view: add view module to be used for rendering HTML