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2020-01-23hval: to_attr: support wide characters
2020-01-13use popen_rd for bidirectional pipes
2020-01-13t/solver_git: avoid uninitialized warnings in hostname generation
2020-01-11make Plack optional for non-WWW and non-httpd users
2020-01-11git: remove ->commit_title method
2020-01-11inbox: use PublicInbox::Git::host_prefix_url for base_url
2019-12-30spawn: allow passing GLOB handles for redirects
2019-12-28solvergit: allow passing arg to user-supplied callback
2019-12-26t/solver_git: test with -httpd, too
2019-12-24testcommon: add require_mods method and use it
2019-12-19tests: move t/common.perl to PublicInbox::TestCommon
2019-12-19t/*.t: avoid sharing "my" variables in subs
2019-12-18viewvcs: flesh out some functionality and test
2019-11-24tests: use File::Temp->newdir instead of tempdir()
2019-10-16config: support "inboxdir" in addition to "mainrepo"
2019-05-14tests: get rid of unnecessary Cwd module use
2019-04-04git: add "commit_title" method
2019-01-31inbox: drop psgi.url_scheme requirement from base_url
2019-01-31solvergit: allow searching on longer-than-needed OIDs
2019-01-26solver: rewrite to use Qspawn->psgi_qx and pi-httpd.async
2019-01-19solver: initial Perl implementation