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2020-01-31mboxgz: ensure gzipped mboxes always have filenames
Lets always have Content-Disposition for files intended to be downloaded for consumption by non-browsers, such as pigz, zcat, "git am". This is also to be consistent with the non-gzipped mbox $MESSAGE_ID/raw endpoint.
2020-01-31t/psgi_search: test for subject-free messages
Apparently I fixed this bug a while back in commit f94c3a195a25a31d0215cd175938008fca473378 but did not write tests.
2020-01-11make Plack optional for non-WWW and non-httpd users
Some users just want to run -mda, -watch, and/or -nntpd. Let them run just those without forcing them to pull in a bunch of dependencies.
2019-12-24search: support SWIG-generated Xapian.pm
Xapian upstream is slowly phasing out the XS-based Search::Xapian in favor of the SWIG-generated "Xapian" package. While Debian and both FreeBSD have Search::Xapian, OpenBSD only includes the "Xapian" binding. More information about the status of the "Xapian" Perl module here: https://trac.xapian.org/ticket/523
2019-12-24testcommon: add require_mods method and use it
This cuts down on lines of code in individual test cases and fixes some misnamed error messages by using "$0" consistently. This will also provide us with a method of swapping out dependencies which provide equivalent functionality (e.g "Xapian" SWIG can replace "Search::Xapian" XS bindings).
2019-12-19tests: move t/common.perl to PublicInbox::TestCommon
We want to be able to use run_script with *.t files, so t/common.perl putting subs into the top-level "main" namespace won't work. Instead, make it a module which uses Exporter like other libraries.
2019-11-24tests: use File::Temp->newdir instead of tempdir()
We'll also introduce a tmpdir() API to give tempdirs consistent names.
2019-10-16config: support "inboxdir" in addition to "mainrepo"
"mainrepo" ws a bad name and artifact from the early days when I intended for there to be a "spamrepo" (now just the ENV{PI_EMERGENCY} Maildir). With v2, "mainrepo" can be especially confusing, since v2 needs at least two git repositories (epoch + all.git) to function and we shouldn't confuse users by having them point to a git repository for v2. Much of our documentation already references "INBOX_DIR" for command-line arguments, so use "inboxdir" as the git-config(1)-friendly variant for that. "mainrepo" remains supported indefinitely for compatibility. Users may need to revert to old versions, or may be referring to old documentation and must not be forced to change config files to account for this change. So if you're using "mainrepo" today, I do NOT recommend changing it right away because other bugs can lurk. Link: https://public-inbox.org/meta/874l0ice8v.fsf@alyssa.is/
2019-10-15config: we always have {-section_order}
Rewrite a bunch of tests to use ordered input (emulating "git config -l" output) so we can always walk sections in the order they were given in the config file.
2019-09-09run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2019-06-16t/psgi_search.t: use higher-level APIs
No point in using lower-level APIs for a PSGI test.
2019-06-14searchidx: require PublicInbox::Inbox (or InboxWritable) ref
PublicInbox::Inbox objects have minimal dependencies, so drop code to support old tests which existed before the PublicInbox::Inbox object came into existence.
2019-06-03t/psgi_search.t: require DBD::SQLite
In case we encounter an odd system which has Search::Xapian but not DBD::SQLite.
2019-05-15lazy load Xapian and make it optional for v2
More tests work without Search::Xapian, now. Usability issues still need to be fixed
2019-02-13ensure bytes::length is available to callers
We were relying on Danga::Socket using the "bytes" pragma, previously. Nowadays, the "bytes" pragma is not recommended in general, but bytes::length remains acceptable for getting the byte-size of a scalar.
2018-04-22extmsg: use Xapian only for partial matches
"LIKE" in SQLite (and other SQL implementations I've seen) is expensive with nearly 3 million messages in the archives. This caused some partial Message-ID lookups to take over 600ms on my workstation (~300ms on a faster Xeon). Cut that to below under 30ms on average on my workstation by relying exclusively on Xapian for partial Message-ID lookups as we have in the past. Unlike in the past when we tried using Xapian to match partial Message-IDs; we now optimize our indexing of Message-IDs to break apart "words" in Message-IDs for searching, yielding (hopefully) "good enough" accuracy for folks who get long URLs broken across lines when copy+pasting. We'll also drop the (in retrospect) pointless stripping of "/[tTf]" suffixes for the partial match, since anybody who hits that codepath would be hitting an invalid message ID. Finally, limit wildcard expansion to prevent easy DoS vectors on short terms. And blame Pine and alpine for generating Message-IDs with low-entropy prefixes :P
2018-04-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into v2
* origin/master: nntp: allow and ignore empty commands mbox: do not barf on queries which return no results nntp: fix NEWNEWS command searchview: fix non-numeric comparison Allow specification of the number of search results to return githttpbackend: avoid infinite loop on generic PSGI servers http: fix modification of read-only value extmsg: use news.gmane.org for Message-ID lookups extmsg: rework partial MID matching to favor current inbox Update the installation instructions with Fedora package names nntp: do not drain rbuf if there is a command pending nntp: improve fairness during XOVER and similar commands searchidx: do not modify Xapian DB while iterating Don't use LIMIT in UPDATE statements
2018-04-03mbox: do not barf on queries which return no results
Having zero search results means we never get a chance to populate the Content-Disposition header for mbox downloads.
2018-04-02replace Xapian skeleton with SQLite overview DB
This ought to provide better performance and scalability which is less dependent on inbox size. Xapian does not seem optimized for some queries used by the WWW homepage, Atom feeds, XOVER and NEWNEWS NNTP commands. This can actually make Xapian optional for NNTP usage, and allow more functionality to work without Xapian installed. Indexing performance was extremely bad at first, but DBI::Profile helped me optimize away problematic queries.
2018-04-01searchview: fix non-numeric comparison
We don't want non-fully-numeric limits being compared and tripping warnings. While we're at it, avoid hard-coding '200' and reuse $LIM as the default.
2018-02-07update copyrights for 2018
Using update-copyrights from gnulib While we're at it, use the SPDX identifier for AGPL-3.0+ to ease mechanical processing.
2017-05-23www: do not mangle characters from search queries
Reported-by: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <avarab@gmail.com> https://public-inbox.org/meta/CACBZZX5Gnow08r=0A1J_kt3a=zpGyMfvsqu8nAN7kacNnDm+dg@mail.gmail.com/