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DateCommit message (Expand)
2020-01-28t/hl_mod: document IO::Handle for autoflush
2019-11-08t/hl_mod.t: remove IPC::Run (and File::Temp) dependency
2019-10-31hval: replace "'" with "'" for compatibility
2019-04-19t/hl_mod: workaround w3m not handling '
2019-02-05hlmod: support "```$LANG" blocks in text
2019-02-05hlmod: make into a singleton
2019-02-05hlmod: hoist out do_hl_lang sub
2019-02-05viewvcs: cleanup utf8 handling
2019-01-27hlmod: disable enclosing <pre> tag
2019-01-27t/hl_mod: extra check to ensure we escape HTML
2019-01-21highlight: initial wrapper and PSGI service