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2019-01-30t/config.t: test PublicInbox::Git sharing between inboxes
2019-01-20config: each_inbox iteration preserves config order
2019-01-15config: inbox name checking matches git.git more closely
2018-02-07update copyrights for 2018
2017-06-23allow admins to configure non-obfuscated addresses/domains
2017-06-23config: assume lists have multiple addresses
2017-01-07config: allow per-inbox nntpserver
2017-01-07inbox: eliminate weaken usage entirely
2016-12-17t/config.t: fix feedmax default
2016-12-17feed: support publicinbox.<name>.feedmax
2016-08-12config: do not nest multi-value altid arrays
2016-07-09www: add configurable limiters
2016-05-28remove redundant NewsGroup class
2016-05-23t/config.t: remove GIT_DIR usage in test
2016-05-16declare Inbox object for reusability
2016-05-14rename most instances of "list" to "inbox"
2016-03-03t/*.t: use identifiable tempdir names
2015-09-06update copyright headers and email addresses
2014-04-21config: use description file for gitweb
2014-04-14rename list from "bugs" to "meta"
2014-04-14derive -primary_address in config
2014-04-11config: support multiple addresses for a inbox
2014-04-09config: include listname on lookup
2014-04-05remove failrepo config
2014-03-28config: revamp API and implement lookup
2014-02-07trivial config module for dumping config