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2021-10-22lei forget-search: support --prune=<local|remote>
2021-10-22wwwatomstream: call gmtime with scalar
2021-10-22lei: use RENAME_NOREPLACE on Linux 3.15+
2021-10-22t/lei-p2q: extra diagnostics
2021-10-22t/lei-import-maildir: rename fix (SR -> RS)
2021-10-22t/lei-{auto-watch,export-kw}: extra diagnostics on failure
2021-10-20httpd: reject requests with spaces in header names
2021-10-18v2: mirrors don't clobber msgs w/ reused Message-IDs
2021-10-16t/lei*: set EDITOR for dumb terminals
2021-10-16dir_idle: do not add watches in ->new
2021-10-15lei forget-search: fix for symlink-ed paths
2021-10-15lei q: avoid kw lookup failure on remote mboxrd
2021-10-14lei inspect: account for non-extindex inboxes
2021-10-13t/nntpd-tls: change diag() to like() assertion
2021-10-13t/git: avoid "once" warning for async_warn
2021-10-13t/lei-mirror: avoid reading ~/.public-inbox/config in test
2021-10-13t/www_listing: require opt-in for grokmirror tests
2021-10-12www: _/text/config/raw Last-Modified: is mm->created_at
2021-10-12msgmap: ->new_file to supports $ibx arg, drop ->new
2021-10-12daemon: unconditionally close Xapian shards on cleanup
2021-10-12search: delete QueryParser along with DB handle
2021-10-12extindex: avoid invalid blobs after unref
2021-10-09extindex: support --reindex --fast
2021-10-08git: fatalize async callback errors by default
2021-10-08git: use async_wait_all everywhere
2021-10-05index: --reindex w/ --{since,until,before,after}
2021-10-04hl_mod: don't memoize highlight::codeGenerator objects
2021-10-04www: fix ref cycle from threading w/ extindex
2021-10-04t/thread-cycle: make Email::Simple optional
2021-10-02lei inspect: fix "mid:" prefix, expand to Xapian
2021-10-01ds: simplify signalfd use
2021-10-01daemon: make SO_ACCEPTFILTER a shared variable
2021-09-29t/solver_git: fix test to work with git <2.29
2021-09-29inbox: drop memoization/preload, cleanup expires caches
2021-09-27t/lei-index: IMAP and NNTP dependencies are optional
2021-09-27fetch: support running as root
2021-09-27t/cmd_ipc: allow extra errors and add diagnostics
2021-09-27lei rediff: add --drq and --dequote-only
2021-09-27lei rediff: quiet warnings from Import and Eml
2021-09-26t/run.perl: less confusing error reporting
2021-09-25t/v2mirror: check dependencies for legacy test
2021-09-24fetch: support v2 w/o manifest on old WWW
2021-09-24clone|fetch|--mirror: cull manifest in partial mirrors
2021-09-24clone|--mirror: fix and test against pre-manifest WWW
2021-09-24clone|--mirror: support --epoch=RANGE for partial clones
2021-09-23xcpdb: -R$SHARDS creates new shards with correct perms
2021-09-23daemons: revamp periodic cleanup task
2021-09-22treewide: fix %SIG localization, harder
2021-09-21t/lei-up: use '-q' to silence non-redirected test
2021-09-21lei q: update messages to reflect --save default