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2023-11-29www: mail_diff: add final newline before diffing
2023-11-29lei q: fix --no-import-before completion + docs
2023-11-29admin: resolve_git_dir respects symlinks
2023-11-29cindex: require `-g GIT_DIR' or `-r PROJECT_ROOT'
2023-11-29www: load and use cindex join data
2023-11-29xap_helper: implement mset endpoint for WWW, IMAP, etc...
2023-11-29t/cindex*: require SCM_RIGHTS for these tests
2023-11-27www: qs_html: fix escaping of `q' param
2023-11-27t/nntpd-tls: avoid test failure on OpenBSD 7.3
2023-11-26xap_helper: allow PI_NO_CXX to disable C++ in more places
2023-11-26xap_client: attach PID to the IO object
2023-11-25t/cindex-join: fix warnings from a missing comma
2023-11-22watch: support `watch=false' to negate watchspam
2023-11-22lei_to_mail: don't close STDOUT unless it is a mbox* output
2023-11-21cindex: rename --associate to --join, test w/ real repos
2023-11-16lei convert: fix repeat and idempotent v2 output
2023-11-15treewide: more autodie safety fixes for older Perl
2023-11-15t/lei-import: account for more verbose error
2023-11-14config: avoid eidx_key and newsgroup conflicts
2023-11-13xap_helper: stricter and harsher error handling
2023-11-13spawn: don't append to scalarrefs on stdout/stderr
2023-11-13xap_client: spawn C++ xap_helper directly
2023-11-11mda: fix and test some usage problems
2023-11-11mda|learn|watch: support dropUniqueUnsubscribe config
2023-11-11t/lei-import: skip strace for restricted systems
2023-11-10www: add topics_(new|active).(html|atom) endpoints
2023-11-09lei_input: always close single `eml' inputs
2023-11-09ipc: simplify partial sendmsg fallback
2023-11-07lei: fix SIGPIPE on large result sets to pager
2023-11-03t/cindex+extsearch: use write_file, autodie, etc.
2023-11-03move read_all, try_cat, and poll_in to PublicInbox::IO
2023-11-03io: introduce write_file helper sub
2023-11-03replace ProcessIO with untied PublicInbox::IO
2023-11-03treewide: use ->close to call ProcessIO->CLOSE
2023-11-03ds: don't try ->close after ->accept_SSL failure
2023-11-01ds: move maxevents further down the stack
2023-10-31poll+select: check EBADF + POLLNVAL errors
2023-10-28treewide: use run_qx where appropriate
2023-10-25cindex: quiet --prune when checking objectFormat
2023-10-25drop psgi_return, httpd/async and GetlineBody
2023-10-25xt/check-run: call DS->Reset after all tests
2023-10-25spawn: support synchronous run_qx
2023-10-25limiter: split out from qspawn
2023-10-24cindex: basic inboxes are non-fatal for --associate
2023-10-24t/cindex: use autodie
2023-10-23t/init.t: don't modify $HOME/.public-inbox/config in test
2023-10-18init: drop extraneous `+'
2023-10-18t/lei-up: additional diagnostics for match failures
2023-10-18syscall: common $F_SETPIPE_SZ definition
2023-10-18ds: get rid of SetLoopTimeout