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2015-09-06update copyright headers and email addresses
2015-07-14scripts/dc-dlvr.pre: ensure stderr gets back to the MTA
2015-01-12import_slrnspool: fork a process for each message
2015-01-11import_slrnspool: load private config key
2015-01-11import_slrnspool: graceful exit for interruptibility
2015-01-11import_slrnspool: make filtering optional
2015-01-11import_slrnspool: use ssoma-mda instead
2015-01-11*slrnspool* old gmane archives set Original-To
2015-01-11import_slrnspool: fix off-by-one error
2015-01-11scripts/import_slrnspool: new incremental importer
2014-05-21slrnspool2maildir: fix help and dir creation
2014-04-26spamassassin rule and config updates
2014-04-21new scripts for importing slrn spools and maildirs
2014-04-21scripts/dc-dlvr: allow exiting from ~/.dc-dlvr.pre
2014-04-20use ORIGINAL_RECIPIENT once again
2014-04-20scripts/import_gmane_spool: set git committer date
2014-04-15scripts/import_gmane_spool: preserve delivery order
2014-04-11scripts/import_gmane_spool: misc updates
2014-04-08scripts/report-spam: explain design decisions
2014-01-10scripts: add a link to GPLv3 license
2014-01-10scripts/import_gmane_spool: fix name in usage
2014-01-09initial commit