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2015-01-12import_slrnspool: fork a process for each message
This prevents process growth when importing large messages. Memory growth could be due to the sliding sbrk window in glibc malloc or a circular reference in the Email::* Perl code somewhere.
2015-01-11import_slrnspool: load private config key
PublicInbox::Config->lookup won't return unknown keys
2015-01-11import_slrnspool: graceful exit for interruptibility
This should alleviate fears of interrupting the process.
2015-01-11import_slrnspool: make filtering optional
2015-01-11import_slrnspool: use ssoma-mda instead
Some mailing lists (e.g. git@vger.kernel.org) accept messages via Bcc: and possibly other things which get rejected by the strict PublicInbox::Filter rules. So rely on ssoma-mda instead. This prefers a recent revision of ssoma-mda (commit 7fce38e9 onwards) to display subject/author/date information in the commit message.
2015-01-11*slrnspool* old gmane archives set Original-To
Apparently it's not a problem with recent archives.
2015-01-11import_slrnspool: fix off-by-one error
We start with zero and only store the next valid ID.
2015-01-11scripts/import_slrnspool: new incremental importer
This allows incremental imports of slrn spools, ideal for tracking lists via gmane.
2014-05-21slrnspool2maildir: fix help and dir creation
Any existing directory should do.
2014-04-26spamassassin rule and config updates
While we're at it, add a script for easy editing of user prefs. We need some human-maintained rules based on the spam we get. It's an imperfect world, but I'd _much_ rather deal with the occassional spam than require signup/registration to post.
2014-04-21new scripts for importing slrn spools and maildirs
The old import_gmane_spool script was inflexible, since we may import from maildir archives as well, so get everything into maildir, first.
2014-04-21scripts/dc-dlvr: allow exiting from ~/.dc-dlvr.pre
The ~/.dc-dlvr.pre script for my public-inbox user does this.
2014-04-20use ORIGINAL_RECIPIENT once again
It should be common for a single users to be subscribed to multiple addresses/lists, so we must use the address before alias expansion. This partially reverts commit b949afc9edf89dd494cac6255c78b124d58e11a5
2014-04-20scripts/import_gmane_spool: set git committer date
We normally want committer date to be different so we may track delivery latencies (which do not differ much). However, the rules for importing are much different and tend to screw things up when using time ranges with git-rev-list.
2014-04-15scripts/import_gmane_spool: preserve delivery order
Unfortunately, this means we get rid of parallelization, as we need to preserve delivery order so HTML indices look chronological. Order may also affect spam filtering and training, too.
2014-04-11scripts/import_gmane_spool: misc updates
We may promote this to be a real script, since public-inbox-mda is idempotent.
2014-04-08scripts/report-spam: explain design decisions
Trying my best to not forget things I wrote this years ago.
2014-01-10scripts: add a link to GPLv3 license
2014-01-10scripts/import_gmane_spool: fix name in usage
Just use $0 for now, since I suck at naming things.
2014-01-09initial commit