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2018-02-07update copyrights for 2018
Using update-copyrights from gnulib While we're at it, use the SPDX identifier for AGPL-3.0+ to ease mechanical processing.
2016-08-21avoid spaces after shell redirection operators
This makes us closer to git.git style (though I'm not quite sure why we do this...)
2016-07-06scripts/dc-dlvr: ensure temporary files are removed
Oops :x
2016-06-17scripts/dc-dlvr: ClamAV support via clamdscan
SpamAssassin often misses messages which contain viruses, so ClamAV should fill that gap nicely.
2016-06-17scripts/dc-dlvr: remove catchall account
Unfortunately, people screw up addresses enough and for this to be a real problem.
2016-06-17scripts/dc-dlvr: update copyright
2014-04-21scripts/dc-dlvr: allow exiting from ~/.dc-dlvr.pre
The ~/.dc-dlvr.pre script for my public-inbox user does this.
2014-01-10scripts: add a link to GPLv3 license
2014-01-09initial commit