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2016-05-30script/*{mda,learn}: no strict params for Email::MIME::ContentType
2016-05-25remove Email::Address dependency
2016-05-23http: chunk in the server, not middleware
2016-05-16declare Inbox object for reusability
2016-05-14rename most instances of "list" to "inbox"
2016-04-28import: run git-update-server-info when done
2016-04-25remove ssoma dependency
2016-04-25split out NNTPD and HTTPD* modules
2016-04-09public-inbox-learn: drop leading "From " line from mboxes
2016-03-31httpd: remove reference to callback during close
2016-03-05httpd: remove unnecessary eval
2016-03-03daemon: introduce host_with_port for identifying sockets
2016-03-03daemon: avoid polluting the main package
2016-03-01httpd: remove unneeded err and out fields from class
2016-03-01httpd: document pi-httpd.async as totally unstable
2016-02-29fixup Plack-related requires
2016-02-29favor procedural calls for most private functions
2016-02-28httpd: allow running if ReverseProxy is missing
2016-02-27move executables to script/ directory