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2019-01-31Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/purge'
* origin/purge: implement public-inbox-purge tool v2writable: read epoch on purge v2writable: cleanup processes when done v2writable: purge ignores non-existent git epoch directories v2writable: ->purge returns undef on no-op import: purge: reap fast-export process hoist out resolve_repo_dir from -index
2019-01-20www: admin-configurable CSS via "publicinbox.css"
Maybe we'll default to a dark theme to promote energy savings... See contrib/css/README for details
2019-01-15index: allow working on unconfigured inboxes, again
2019-01-11implement public-inbox-purge tool
Expose the ->purge functionality of V2Writable for rewriting git history to permanently purge messages from history. This may be necessary for legal reasons. Usage: # requires ~/.public-inbox/config public-inbox-purge --all </path/to/message-to-purge # good for testing with unconfigured inboxes: public-inbox-purge $INBOX_DIR </path/to/message-to-purge
2019-01-11hoist out resolve_repo_dir from -index
We'll be using it in future admin tools, and making this easier-to-test.
2019-01-05filter/rubylang: fix SQLite DB lifetime problems
Clearly the AltId stuff was never tested for v2. Ensure this tricky filter (which reuses Msgmap to avoid introducing new serial numbers) doesn't trigger deadlocks SQLite due to opening a DB for writing multiple times. I went through several iterations of this change before going with this one, which is the least intrusive I could fine.
2019-01-02use PublicInbox::Config::each_inbox where appropriate
No need to reach into PublicInbox::Config internals and iterate through the hashref by hand
2018-12-28init: allow --skip of old epochs for -V2 repos
This allows archivists to publish incomplete archives with newer mail while allowing "0.git" (or "1.git" and so on) epochs to be added-after-the-fact (without affecting "git clone" followers). A reindex will be necessary for Xapian and SQLite to catch up once the old epochs are added; but the reindexing code is also capable of tolerating missing epochs.
2018-12-27init: do not set publicinbox.$NAME.indexlevel by default
It is redundant to set default values in the public-inbox config file. Lets not clutter up users' screens when they view or edit the config file.
2018-07-29mda: allow configuring globally without spamc support
This reuses some of the configuration from -watch, but remains independent since some configurations will use -watch for some inboxes and -mda for others. The default remains "spamc" for -mda users so nothing changes without explicit configuration. Per-inbox configurations may also be supported in the future.
2018-07-29mda: v2: ensure message bodies are indexed
We must not clobber the original message string, as Email::MIME(*) still needs it for iterating through parts in SearchIdx (but not when handing it as a raw string to git-fast-import). I've noticed message bodies (especially dfpre/dpost) were not getting indexed when going through -mda (no problems with -watch). This also did not affect v1 repos, since indexing is a separate process for v1 and requires re-reading the data from git. (*) tested Email::MIME 1.937 on Debian stretch
2018-07-29mda: use InboxWritable
It's a convenient wrapper nowadays, so get rid of some legacy code and minimize differences from the -watch code.
2018-07-19public-inbox-init: Initialize indexlevel
If indexlevel is specified on the command line prefer that. If indexlevel is specified in the config file prefer that. If indexlevel is not specified anywhere default to full. This should make indexlevel somewhat approachable. Signed-off-by: "Eric W. Biederman" <ebiederm@xmission.com>
2018-07-18index: avoid false-positive warning on off-by-one
We subtract one from "jobs" to map to "partitions" to account for the overview index and git fast-import jobs.
2018-06-12public-inbox-mda: use <sysexits.h> status codes where applicable
Many MTA understand these and map them to sensible SMTP error messages. Inability to find an inbox results in "5.1.1 user unknown". Misformatted messages are rejected with "5.6.0 data format error". Unsupported inbox versions are reported as "5.3.5 local configuration error". All of these are interpreted as permanent failures.
2018-05-17learn: support for v2 repos
Oops, I mainly rely on public-inbox-watch for spam training and completely forgot this tool existed :x
2018-05-17index: avoid setting NPROC to undef
This quiets a warning inside Spawn.pm
2018-05-11convert+compact: fix when running without ~/.public-inbox/config
Some users may not have any public-inboxes configured, especially in tests.
2018-04-20convert: copy description and git config from v1 repo
I noticed I lost a $GIT_DIR/description in a conversion, so we should preserve it. While we're at it, we ought to copy any config in the old repo to the new one. We will need to warn about cloneurl since it's unfortunately not an automatic process to update. Oh well..
2018-04-18compact: do not merge v2 repos by default
--no-renumber does not allow merging, and merging is not ideal for reindexing, either.
2018-04-07store less data in the Xapian document
Since we only query the SQLite over DB for OVER/XOVER; do not need to waste space storing fields To/Cc/:bytes/:lines or the XNUM term. We only use From/Subject/References/Message-ID/:blob in various places of the PSGI code. For reindexing, we will take advantage of docid stability in "xapian-compact --no-renumber" to ensure duplicates do not show up in search results. Since the PSGI interface is the only consumer of Xapian at the moment, it has no need to search based on NNTP article number.
2018-04-07convert: support converting with altid defined
public-inbox-convert ought to be 100% lossless, now
2018-04-07index: allow specifying --jobs=0 to disable multiprocess
Not everybody needs multiprocess support.
2018-04-06ensure Xapian and SQLite are still optional for v1 tests
Xapian is size-intensive and SQLite is not strictly necessary for v1.
2018-04-06over: use only supported and safe SQLite APIs
Some of this jankiness was from early performance problems and they turned out to be unnecessary measures.
2018-04-05compact: better handling of over.sqlite3* files
Lets not scare users when they encounter files that are supposed to be there. Then, preserve the journal and pipe.lock, even if they're supposedly unused due to us holding the inbox-wide lock.
2018-04-04v2: support incremental indexing + purge
This is important for people running mirrors via "git fetch", as they need to be kept up-to-date. Purging is also now supported in mirrors. The short-lived "--regenerate" option is gone and is now implicitly enabled as a result. It's still cheap when article number regeneration is unnecessary, as we track the range for each git repository.
2018-04-04init: s/GIT_DIR/REPO_DIR/ in usage
2018-04-02replace Xapian skeleton with SQLite overview DB
This ought to provide better performance and scalability which is less dependent on inbox size. Xapian does not seem optimized for some queries used by the WWW homepage, Atom feeds, XOVER and NEWNEWS NNTP commands. This can actually make Xapian optional for NNTP usage, and allow more functionality to work without Xapian installed. Indexing performance was extremely bad at first, but DBI::Profile helped me optimize away problematic queries.
2018-04-01v2: one file, really
We need to ensure there is only one file in the top-level tree at any commit so the "add; remove; add;" sequence on the same message is detected properly. Otherwise, git will not detect the second "add" unless a second message is added to history. Deletes are now stored in "d" (and not "D" or "_/D") at the top-level, now. There's no need to have a "_" to reduce churn as "m" and "d" should never co-exist. It's now lowercased to make it easier-to-distinguish from "D" in git-log output.
2018-03-30v2: respect core.sharedRepository in git configs
Ensure -convert and -compact do not make repositories unreadable on live servers.
2018-03-30convert: avoid redundant "done\n" statement for fast-import
This bug was hidden due to timing problems with eatmydata or running with tmpfs for TMPDIR.
2018-03-29mda: support v2 inboxes
I mainly focus on -watch for mirroring busy mailing lists, but using -mda should remain an option.
2018-03-29public-inbox-compact: new tool for driving xapian-compact
Having multiple Xapian partitions is mostly pointless after the initial import. We can compact all the partitions into one while keeping the skeleton separate.
2018-03-29v2writable: initializing an existing inbox is idempotent
And we do not want to start making confused repos if somebody leaves out "-V2" the second time around.
2018-03-29public-inbox-convert: tool for converting old to new inboxes
This should make it easier to let users perform comparisons and migrate to v2 if needed.
2018-03-22v2writable: add NNTP article number regeneration support
Allow best-effort regeneration of NNTP article numbers from cloned git repositories in addition to indexing Xapian Article numbers will not remain consistent when we add purge support, though.
2018-03-22v2writable: support reindexing Xapian
This still requires a msgmap.sqlite3 file to exist, but it allows us to tweak Xapian indexing rules and reindex the Xapian database online while -watch is running.
2018-03-20InboxWritable: add mbox/maildir parsing + import logic
This will make it easier to as well as supporting future Filter API users. It allows simplifying our ad-hoc import_vger_from_mbox script.
2018-03-19v2writable: allow disabling parallelization
While parallel processes improves import speed for initial imports; they are probably not necessary for daily mail imports via WatchMaildir and certainly not for public-inbox-init. Save some memory for daily use and even helps improve readability of some subroutines by showing which methods they call remotely.
2018-03-19index: s/GIT_DIR/REPO_DIR/
No functional changes, yet, but this makes future changes easier-to-read.
2018-02-28v2/ui: get nntpd and init tests running on v2
A work-in-progress, but it appears the v2 UI pieces do will not require a lot of work to do.
2018-02-28use PublicInbox::MIME consistently
It works around some bugs in older Email::MIME which we'll find useful.
2018-02-07update copyrights for 2018
Using update-copyrights from gnulib While we're at it, use the SPDX identifier for AGPL-3.0+ to ease mechanical processing.
2017-11-16learn: use "spam" as subject for removal commits (part #2)
We need to use the correct subject when doing global scanning, too. In fact, the per-recipient spam training path is entirely redundant at this point.
2017-11-16learn: use "spam" as subject for removal commits
Sometimes an email is an innocent removal "rm" for a misdirected, off-topic post, while most removed messages are "spam". Allow anybody to look at history and easily distinguish the reason for removing the message.
2017-06-26watch: use "self-inotify-tempfile trick" for quit
This should be more reliable and safer as it'll ensure existing fast-import instances are shut down properly.
2017-06-26watch: improve fairness during full rescans
We need to ensure new messages are being processed fairly during full rescans, so have the ->scan subroutine yield and reschedule itself. Additionally, having a long-running task inside the signal handler is dangerous and subject to reentrancy bugs. Due to the limitations of the Filesys::Notify::Simple interface, we cannot rely on multiplexing I/O interfaces (select, IO::Poll, Danga::Socket, etc...) for this. Forking a separate process was considered, but it is more expensive for a mostly-idle process. So, we use a variant of the "self-pipe trick" via inotify (or whatever Filesys::Notify::Simple gives us). Instead of writing to our own pipe, we write to a file in our own temporary directory watched by Filesys::Notify::Simple to trigger events in signal handlers.
2017-06-26watch: ensure HUP causes the scanner to be reloaded
Otherwise the old watcher may run indefinitely
2017-04-05learn: scan all inboxes when learning spam
This matches the behavior of the -watch daemon since 6d534038285ddd760709ba76ea007f9108200097 ("watch: watchspam affects all configured inboxes")