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2018-05-11convert+compact: fix when running without ~/.public-inbox/config
Some users may not have any public-inboxes configured, especially in tests.
2018-04-20convert: copy description and git config from v1 repo
I noticed I lost a $GIT_DIR/description in a conversion, so we should preserve it. While we're at it, we ought to copy any config in the old repo to the new one. We will need to warn about cloneurl since it's unfortunately not an automatic process to update. Oh well..
2018-04-07convert: support converting with altid defined
public-inbox-convert ought to be 100% lossless, now
2018-04-04v2: support incremental indexing + purge
This is important for people running mirrors via "git fetch", as they need to be kept up-to-date. Purging is also now supported in mirrors. The short-lived "--regenerate" option is gone and is now implicitly enabled as a result. It's still cheap when article number regeneration is unnecessary, as we track the range for each git repository.
2018-04-01v2: one file, really
We need to ensure there is only one file in the top-level tree at any commit so the "add; remove; add;" sequence on the same message is detected properly. Otherwise, git will not detect the second "add" unless a second message is added to history. Deletes are now stored in "d" (and not "D" or "_/D") at the top-level, now. There's no need to have a "_" to reduce churn as "m" and "d" should never co-exist. It's now lowercased to make it easier-to-distinguish from "D" in git-log output.
2018-03-30v2: respect core.sharedRepository in git configs
Ensure -convert and -compact do not make repositories unreadable on live servers.
2018-03-30convert: avoid redundant "done\n" statement for fast-import
This bug was hidden due to timing problems with eatmydata or running with tmpfs for TMPDIR.
2018-03-29public-inbox-convert: tool for converting old to new inboxes
This should make it easier to let users perform comparisons and migrate to v2 if needed.