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DateCommit message (Expand)
2015-09-06update copyright headers and email addresses
2015-09-03ExtMsg: 300 to external mailing list archives
2015-09-02implement external Message-ID finder
2015-08-22www: enable and expand preload from mod_perl2
2015-08-22cgi: remove static file generation support for now
2015-08-21support dumping thread as an mbox
2015-08-16www: /t/$MESSAGE_ID.html for threads
2014-05-01split out WWW package and CGI/PSGI-specific parts
2014-04-30cgi: set charset in responses
2014-04-30add example configs for Apache2 mod_perl and CGI
2014-04-30cgi: avoid warning after exec
2014-04-30cgi: remove dependency on IPC::Run in CGI
2014-04-30cgi: disable warnings for CGI::NOSTICKY
2014-04-30favor "--git-dir=..." over "--git-dir ..."
2014-04-29cgi: mid2blob does not depend on $ENV{GIT_DIR}
2014-04-29implement our own cat-file --batch wrapper
2014-04-28cgi: make CGI optional for Plack users
2014-04-28cgi: wrap self_uri calls for Plack::Request
2014-04-28cgi: do not decode path_info
2014-04-28allow running as a Plack app without CGI emulation
2014-04-28uri_escape => uri_escape_utf8
2014-04-28cgi: preliminary Plack compatibility
2014-04-26cgi: style: return undef => return
2014-04-26huge refactor of encoding handling
2014-04-25cgi: eliminate dead/redundant HTML escaping code
2014-04-22view: fix link to raw message from /f/ endpoint
2014-04-22fix quoted URL generation in feeds
2014-04-21feed: there is only one atom feed, with all messages
2014-04-20cgi: delay some requires
2014-04-19cgi: index pages allow iterating some pagination
2014-04-17cgi: implement suffix-less Message-ID redirects
2014-04-17cgi: include HTTP status in error message body
2014-04-15Revert "cgi: relax path restriction for top-level"
2014-04-15cgi: correct links to folded quotes
2014-04-15cgi: support /all.html page with inline threads
2014-04-14cgi: 301 for list-indices without trailing slash
2014-04-12cgi: ensure we unescape MIDs correctly in URLs
2014-04-12cgi: avoid parsing ENV directly for PATH_INFO
2014-04-12cgi: relax path restriction for top-level
2014-04-12cgi: rename to have .cgi suffix