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2017-04-13search: allow searching within mail diffs repobrowse
2017-04-12Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into repobrowse
2017-04-11search: fix help message for searching within quotes
2017-04-04watchmaildir: do not reject lowercase flags on Maildir files
2017-03-24searchview: show full (&x=t) messages in ascending chronlogical order
2017-03-24searchview: add "t" id to link to thread overview
2017-03-22extmsg: use updated mail-archive.com URL
2017-03-14view: escape HTML description name
2017-03-04repoobrowse: explicit EOF handling for git async callback
2017-03-04repobrowse: stop abbreviating object names
2017-03-04repobrowse: fixup format-patch display
2017-03-03repobrowse: raw: show the resulting tree for commits and tags
2017-03-03repobrowse: src: show a nicer message for big files
2017-03-03repobrowse: src/ endpoint requires a tip to be specified
2017-03-03repobrowse: raw display avoids forking for small files
2017-03-03repobrowse: avoid excessive buffering in raw endpoint
2017-03-03repobrowse: remove unused "blob" endpoint
2017-03-03repobrowse: consistently set text charset
2017-03-02repobrowse: rename "tree" endpoint to "src"
2017-03-02repobrowse: rework source view to use async cat-file API
2017-02-24repobrowse: update documentation and variable naming
2017-02-24repobrowse: update documentation for git patch generation
2017-02-24repobrowse: git tree view checks object asynchronously
2017-02-24git: move async detection to runtime
2017-02-22repobrowse: eliminate unused query parameters
2017-02-22repobrowse: fixup revision handling
2017-02-21repobrowse: stop abbreviating commit hashes
2017-02-19repobrowse: unconditionally remove trailing slash handling
2017-02-19repobrowse: return git errors as text/plain, for now
2017-02-17repobrowse: minor style cleanups
2017-02-17repobrowse: remove unnecessary import
2017-02-17repobrowse: rename "plain" endpoint to "raw"
2017-02-16repobrowse: memoize git symbolic-ref resolution
2017-02-16repobrowse: shorten "repo_info" to "-repo"
2017-02-16repo: only read description if git
2017-02-16repobrowse: switch to new URL format to avoid query strings
2017-02-15config: avoid circular loading dependency
2017-02-14repobrowse: do not unescape PATH_INFO twice
2017-02-14Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into repobrowse
2017-02-14searchidx: switch to accounting by message bytes
2017-02-14www: do not unescape PATH_INFO twice
2017-02-11handle repeated References and In-Reply-To headers
2017-02-11repo: lazily read description and cloneurl
2017-02-10config: move try_cat function from inbox
2017-02-10repo: add class for representing a code repo
2017-02-10repogit: add prototypes for error checking
2017-02-10repo: search index flushes for excessive active refs
2017-02-10search: remove unnecessary abstractions and functionality
2017-02-10repo: search index no longer indexes for --contains
2017-02-09repo: increase search index flush granularity