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2019-04-04viewvcs: preliminary support for showing non-blobs
2019-04-04git: add "commit_title" method
2019-04-02githttpbackend: serve $GIT_DIR/info/attributes
2019-04-02viewvcs: check for premature EOF from git-cat-file
2019-03-12config: ignore missing config files
2019-03-08v2writable: index_sync adds new epochs to alternates
2019-03-08v2writable: hoist out fill_alternates
2019-02-27v2writable: fix epoch rollover on incremental imports
2019-02-23www: prevent '!important' in BOFH-specified CSS
2019-02-23usercontent.pm: set "!important" to override BOFH prefs
2019-02-13ensure bytes::length is available to callers
2019-02-07nntp: get rid of long_response_limit constant
2019-02-07http: cleanup partial-write handling on readonly values
2019-02-07daemon: favor Socket.pm in Perl 5.14+ for IPv6
2019-02-07daemon: die properly when Socket6 is missing
2019-02-05Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/help-color'
2019-02-05solvergit: include the $oid_want tmpdir name
2019-02-05wwwtext: inline sample CSS and use highlight
2019-02-05hlmod: support "```$LANG" blocks in text
2019-02-05hlmod: do_hl* performs src_escape immediately
2019-02-05hlmod: make into a singleton
2019-02-05hlmod: hoist out do_hl_lang sub
2019-02-05viewvcs: cleanup utf8 handling
2019-02-04viewdiff: group path match to not be confused by "/dev/null"
2019-02-01newswww: add /$MESSAGE_ID global redirector endpoint
2019-02-01viewdiff: support renames and long paths in diffstat anchors
2019-02-01viewdiff: escape HTML ampersand for renames
2019-02-01viewvcs: allow '0' as a valid filename for blob downloads
2019-02-01linkify: support proto://hostname without trailing slash
2019-02-01view: simplify quote splitting
2019-02-01view: fix broken hunk header hrefs in Atom feeds
2019-02-01view: diffstat anchors for multi-message/attachment views
2019-02-01viewdiff: diffstat links to diff anchors
2019-02-01hval: routines for attribute escaping
2019-01-31Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/purge'
2019-01-31doc: remove completed TODO items
2019-01-31config: tiny cleanup to use _array() sub
2019-01-31qspawn: documentation updates
2019-01-31inbox: drop psgi.url_scheme requirement from base_url
2019-01-31viewvcs: support streaming large blobs
2019-01-31solvergit: allow shorter-than-necessary OIDs from user
2019-01-31solvergit: allow searching on longer-than-needed OIDs
2019-01-31inbox: perform cleanup of Git objects for coderepos
2019-01-30solvergit: don't confuse Xapian with ".." in filenames
2019-01-30git: use "git rev-parse --git-path"
2019-01-30Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/viewvcs' into master
2019-01-30view: remove unused _msg_date sub
2019-01-30httpd: a few comments about some fields we set
2019-01-30solvergit: deal with alternative diff prefixes
2019-01-30solvergit: extract mode from diff headers properly