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2014-04-09config: include listname on lookup
2014-04-09preliminary HTML index generation
2014-04-09precheck: stricter checks including min length
2014-04-08precheck: reject messages with no subject
2014-04-08feed: filter out each_recent_blob wrapper
2014-04-07feed: generate takes a hashref for args
2014-04-06view: use "original" rather than "raw"
2014-04-06view: minor cleanups
2014-04-06feed: reuse view class to display message
2014-04-06view: all content is assumed to be displayable text
2014-04-05view: use URI::Escape to escape URIs
2014-04-05feed: remove unnecessary use
2014-04-05feed: use Date::Parse to parse dates
2014-04-05get a basic CGI feed sender running
2014-04-05remove failrepo config
2014-04-05view: implement quote folding and flesh out tests
2014-04-05config: add shortcut for retrieving elements
2014-04-05view: update IRP and MID links
2014-04-05flesh out MDA and simplify config setup
2014-04-05precheck uses recipient argument
2014-04-04filter: use regexp to check multipart bodies
2014-04-03filter: possibly keep PGP sigs only (not other types)
2014-03-28filter: use file(1) to detect mime type if octet-stream
2014-03-28config: revamp API and implement lookup
2014-03-24initial cut at Atom feed generation
2014-02-25precheck: require Message-ID to be set
2014-02-25view: add view module to be used for rendering HTML
2014-02-11move pre-spamc checks to PublicInbox->precheck
2014-02-07trivial config module for dumping config
2014-01-14drop Mail-Followup-To, Mail-Reply-To, and Reply-To
2014-01-10reject messages if ORIGINAL_RECIPIENT is not specified
2014-01-09initial commit