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2016-03-05daemon: document optional Net::Server dependency
2016-03-05feed: remove unnecessary encoding lookup
2016-03-05daemon: simplify parent death handling
2016-03-05daemon: avoid cyclic references for once-used callbacks
2016-03-05daemon: drop listener sockets ASAP on termination
2016-03-05git-http-backend: favor sysread for regular files
2016-03-04daemon: simplify socket inheriting, slightly
2016-03-04daemon: support listening on Unix domain sockets
2016-03-03daemon: introduce host_with_port for identifying sockets
2016-03-03daemon: avoid polluting the main package
2016-03-03view: fix stupid typo in inline_dump
2016-03-03use raw header for Message-ID
2016-03-01http: better error handling for EMFILE/ENFILE
2016-03-01httpd: document pi-httpd.async as totally unstable
2016-03-01processpipe: preserve native close behavior
2016-03-01linkify: do not capture trailing '.' or ';' in URLs
2016-03-01extract linkification code to a separate package
2016-03-01view: consolidate whitespace stripping from messages
2016-03-01view: do not hide patches or signatures
2016-02-29fixup Plack-related requires
2016-02-29git-http-backend: fixes for mod_perl
2016-02-29spawnpp: use env(1) for mod_perl compatibility
2016-02-29git-http-backend: stricter parsing of CRLF
2016-02-29favor procedural calls for most private functions
2016-02-29distinguish error messages intended for users vs developers
2016-02-29http: avoid needless time2str calls
2016-02-29http: document event_write usage
2016-02-29http: error check for sysseek on input
2016-02-28spawnpp: die instead of exit on exec failure
2016-02-28newswww: set Content-Type properly
2016-02-28http: support graceful shutdown like nntp
2016-02-28reduce calls to close unless error checks are needed
2016-02-28searchidx: use defined for checking EOF behavior
2016-02-28searchmsg: update + fix license header
2016-02-28spawn: disable popen optimization for non-vfork
2016-02-28spawnpp: fix error message for stderr redirect failing
2016-02-27daemon: refresh before forking
2016-02-27spawn: fail properly if Inline fails
2016-02-27git: use built-in spawn implementation for vfork
2016-02-27initial spawn implementation using vfork
2016-02-27http: simplify offset calculation slightly
2016-02-26daemon: update comment about usage in httpd
2016-02-26www: add News* wrappers to preload
2016-02-26www: workaround for malformed NNTP links
2016-02-26support protocol-relative URLs in publicinbox.$LISTNAME.url
2016-02-26git-http-backend: extract input_to_file function
2016-02-26extmsg: do not modify shared array via prurl
2016-02-26extmsg: allow returning 404 responses
2016-02-25httpd: fill in missing Danga::Socket callbacks
2016-02-25git-http-backend: avoid multi-arg print statemtents