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2016-04-25split out NNTPD and HTTPD* modules
2016-04-25mda: don't clobber existing List-Id header
2016-04-25searchview: add "rel=next" and "rel=prev" here, too
2016-04-25www: add rel=next and rel=prev navigation hints
2016-04-25view: fix link generation for replies in threads
2016-04-24view: add extra newline in flat thread view for lynx
2016-04-24view: more consistent prefixing for thread skeletons
2016-04-21mda: reject multiple Message-IDs up front
2016-04-16view: show flat thread view in chronological order
2016-04-15view: thread skeleton tweaks
2016-04-15www: redirect /$MESSAGE_ID/f/ endpoints
2016-04-14view: drop vestigial elements of quote folding
2016-04-13www: stop generating /$MESSAGE_ID/f/ links
2016-04-13view: fix link to view replies from $MESSAGE_ID/f/ links
2016-04-13searchview: deal with the removal of rsort
2016-04-12mbox: do not clobber existing archive headers in WWW
2016-04-12view: allow topics to be "bumped" by new replies
2016-04-12import: filter out [<>] from user names
2016-04-11import: use bytes::length for true data length in bytes
2016-04-11import: set binmode before printing author names
2016-04-11import: initial module + test case
2016-04-11git: add support for qx wrapper
2016-04-11mbox: unconditionally add trailing newline
2016-04-09filter: remove out dated comments
2016-04-09filter: preserve Mail-Followup-To and Mail-Reply-To
2016-04-06view: account for threads lacking a common parent
2016-04-06view: shorter link for ghosts in per-message view
2016-04-06view: do not prune ghosts from threads
2016-04-06view: eliminate dead code and hash fields
2016-04-06http: clarify intent for persistence
2016-04-05view: link restructuring for index view
2016-04-04http: fix condition for detecting persistence
2016-04-02www: more explicit "git clone" usage
2016-04-02www: various style changes and comment updates
2016-03-17daemon: expand @ARGV paths for running in '/'
2016-03-12feed: fix brain farts in new_oneline removal
2016-03-12searchmsg: preserve hard tabs, but drop CR (\r)
2016-03-12reduce "PublicInbox::Hval->new_oneline" use
2016-03-12http: use Plack::HTTPParser for HTTP parsing
2016-03-12http: prevent zero-byte writes
2016-03-11daemon: fixup usage of the '-l' switch with IP/INET6 sockets
2016-03-08daemon: allow using IO::Socket::IP over INET6
2016-03-06http: reject excessively large HTTP request bodies
2016-03-06http: ensure errors are printable before PSGI env
2016-03-06http: reject excessive headers
2016-03-05daemon: sockname detects listeners correctly
2016-03-05daemon: document optional Net::Server dependency
2016-03-05feed: remove unnecessary encoding lookup
2016-03-05daemon: simplify parent death handling
2016-03-05daemon: avoid cyclic references for once-used callbacks